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Tax-funded research

An additional instrument for direct project funding


In the German Research Allowance Act (Forschungszulagengesetz, FZulG), lawmakers have created an additional instrument for direct project funding that will start in 2020. This allows us to work together with our customers to implement innovative projects and develop future-oriented solutions better than ever before.

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Tax-based funding at a glance

  • For all companies of any size.
  • Subsidy cap: €500,000 per company and year.
  • Eligible expenses: R&D personnel costs both for research in the company’s own interest and for research commissioned by the contractor.
  • Subsidy amount: 25 per cent on R&D personnel costs. 15 per cent for the contracting entity in the case of contracted research.
  • Funding as a tax benefit: The tax-based R&D funding is awarded in the form of a grant, which is also paid out in the event of losses. The grant itself is not subject to taxation.
  • Procedure: processed by submitting an application to the responsible tax office after the end of the calendar year and assessment of the R&D activity by a separate certification body.

Do you have any questions?

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