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IoT and Field Service Lightning

Smart and efficient customer service thanks to Salesforce

Connect your workforce

More and more companies are on the verge of transitioning from acting as mechanical engineers to acting as service providers. However, a change such as this can only be guaranteed with excellent field service. In this context, imagine your employees know everything about a machine or plant – the exact errors that occur, which parts are installed, how to carry out repairs or which spare part is required with which firmware version, and when and where it is needed. To make this vision a reality, your IT solutions need to be suitably agile and flexible. This is the only way that you will be able to optimise your business processes and fully exploit the potential of digitalisation.

Get the most out of your potential with IoT and Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Our IoT solution paired with Salesforce Field Service Lightning delivers an efficient, optimised, process-oriented and automated solution, with a system that is individually adapted to your requirements. Your service technicians receive all the necessary information directly on their mobile device. This means the right service technician with the required spare parts can get directly to the affected machine at the right time. Service appointments can be arranged directly through a service console and, thanks to intelligent scheduling, orders are automatically assigned based on workload, qualifications or location. After successful deployment, your technicians can immediately document and acknowledge all the relevant information. If necessary, a digital signature can also be used.

By capturing this information digitally and transferring it as seamlessly as possible to the administration system, it is possible to minimise costs and lay the foundation for Industry 4.0. Salesforce can be quickly adapted to your company’s individual needs, offers a user experience that will impress your employees, and will increase your efficiency and productivity with the aid of artificial intelligence. Behind every machine there should also be a satisfied customer, as being able to offer outstanding customer service can have a lasting effect on customer loyalty.

Get the right experts on board with adesso

As a proficient partner in mechanical engineering, adesso is a member of the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA). We combine the expertise we have gained in this industry from implementing over 100 successful CRM projects with our certified consultants’ wealth of experience in Salesforce to provide you with close-to-site and custom development tailored to your needs. Alongside our specialisation in CRM, further highlights in our portfolio include predictive maintenance scenarios with IoT solutions such as com2m, for example.

  • Complete service assignments more quickly and increase employee productivity through automated scheduling
  • Manage employees, dispatchers and technicians and optimise the deployment planning of your employees
  • Keep your customers up to date and ensure their loyalty
  • Certified Salesforce experts and Salesforce Partner status guarantee access to the latest technologies
  • Proximity is crucial to the success of a project. With adesso, you can rely on German-speaking Salesforce specialists who work in locations close to you
  • If required, we can supplement project teams with SmartShore resources from Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey
  • 20 years of experience with IT and CRM projects of all sizes – from DAX corporations to start-ups
  • Expertise in all relevant technology fields such as AI, CRM, digital commerce and IoT

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