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Reorientation of digital work I


New digital capabilities are changing the way people communicate, work, build trust and trade with one another. The principle behind this is called networking. In future, almost all workplaces will be equipped with digital technology. It will become normal for employees to use it every day.

For your employees, there are several keys to success: relevant information, finding the right points of contact quickly (be they be colleagues or customers), consulting with them and using critical business applications as efficiently as possible. All this happens via a digital, mobile, ‘living’ and central point of entry into the world of your business.

The digital workplace helps employees and businesses to discover and use the potential of networked working.

adesso has developed an Innovation Journey to help you reconfigure digital work in your business. It is designed to produce a common understanding of your situation and what you need to do next, and draws on the support of your own employees from a range of disciplines. As part of this journey, we take a look at categories including ‘Digital Options’, ‘Business Productivity,’ ‘Staff Journey’, ‘Culture’, ‘Engagement’, ‘Change’ and ‘Empowerment’. On the basis of these categories, our experts will put together a suitable package consisting of interviews, digital showcases, Future Works Vision, a 360° maturity check and workshops. A roadmap and specific recommendations for individual actions ensure you can implement the next step for your business in practice.

  • Setting up your digital tools to implement digital business models
  • Modernising the workplace to make it more attractive, improve collaboration, increase efficiency or reduce workloads
  • Optimising your digital infrastructure
  • Developing your employees’ digital skills
  • All parties gain a shared understanding at an early stage of your employees’ future needs, digital options, your ability to transform, the strategy behind your solution and its implementation, and the technical setup of your ‘digital workplace’.
  • Thanks to a 360° solution strategy, you gain a basis for decision-making in all aspects of implementation, as well as the tools you need to secure additional sponsors.
  • A shared understanding of the key parameters for setting up your digital workplace and how to deal with them, whether it’s employee needs and working culture, making sure you are digital-ready, drivers for value and complexity, carving out a digital strategy or identifying pilot areas for roll-out
  • A tested digital option and a 360° solution strategy as your basis for implementation
  • Shared aims and control procedures, plus a clear view of the criteria on which change should be based – as well as how fast it can be achieved

The digital transforamtion in practice

The procedure outlined above has already proven itself many times in practice. This is especially the case when the initial situation is complex and those responsible initially have only a vague understanding of it. Working in the analogue space –– as is typical when starting to deal with digital transformation – quickly leads to tangible results.

Our approach ensures that all parties come together to share their personal views in a frank and open way, and develop plans that can be implemented quickly thanks to their proximity to day-to-day business. Using visual tools, storytelling, previous experience with prototypes and language everyone can understand, our experts provide a mixture of structure and creative work which allows your employees to discover and experience the full range of opportunities associated with the digital workplace.

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