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Test management

Thorough software tests, bit by bit and byte by byte

Software must work

We ensure smooth operation

We make sure that software does what it is supposed to do - work

You wouldn’t want to drive a car that wasn’t thoroughly tested beforehand; and your users expect the same from new software that they need to work with. The software quality needs to correspond to expectations – otherwise, acceptance of the new solution will drop and your business model might be threatened. Systematic software tests allow you to determine the quality level of your software – and, when needed, take precautions before defects harm user trust in the software or image, or even cause material damage.

One process, one plan, five steps

We follow a multi-step process to ensure that your software is tested to the greatest possible extent. From developing a test strategy through to archiving your test results, each step serves a single overarching goal: checking whether your software does what it’s supposed to, under all relevant circumstances. This approach prepares you for all potential scenarios – agile testing as well as testing special applications such as content management systems like FirstSpirit or mobile applications.

The five steps in detail

This involves laying the groundwork for successful testing. Our experts develop a project workflow that fulfils your requirements for software quality and project planning:

  • Define a test strategy
  • Create a test concept
  • Trace and manage testing activities

We analyse your individual situation in close coordination with your users and IT experts and construct suitable testing scenarios based on this:

  • Check test basis
  • Define test cases
  • Work out user acceptance criteria and check them for testability

Automated testing processes ensure valid results, since hundreds of different test case constellations are played out, recorded and made immediately accessible to you in a test report:

  • Confirmation testing
  • Regression test
  • Deviation management
  • Quick responses to Development

Our experts take a detailed look at your test results and use them to create a test report that your software developers can immediately use for further work:

  • Evaluate the test protocol
  • Answer the question: ‘Have we reached the end of testing?’
  • Create a test report

At the end, we look back at the test project together with you and show you ways in which you can improve your development process in the future:

  • Check at the end of testing activities
  • ‘Lessons learned’
  • Archiving the test results

The adesso commitment to quality

We give you byte and seal

So that you can concentrate on your core issues and achieve your goals. Our software works. We are convinced of that. However, should our software not run error-free, we offer you additional security with the adesso quality promise.

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