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What we can offer you when it comes to application security

In today’s connected world, secure software is crucial to effectively counter the growing threats to applications of all kinds and data.

Our everyday lives are becoming increasingly digitalised, networked and controlled by software on various application levels. As the IT landscape and its benefits change, so do the attack vectors for cyberattacks. It does not matter whether private individuals, companies or state institutions are the target of the attacks – the perpetrators’ intention is always the same: tampering, destruction or theft. Many of those involved are insufficiently aware of the associated consequences and damage.

Why application security is indispensable

More and more processes and use cases are anchored in digital systems. At the same time, the rapid pace of technological change in organisations opens up new opportunities for cybercriminals. The annual increase in the number of hacker attacks continues to reach ever-new record levels. In view of the increasing sophistication of criminals, companies must also rethink their previous security strategies.

A skills shortage, cost pressure and digitalisation

A lack of skilled workers, cost pressure and the accelerated digital transformation in SMEs have made it easy for many German companies to fall prey to cybercriminals. There is often a lack of internal knowledge or time to competently develop and implement security measures and, above all, to regularly adapt them to changing circumstances.

Development of secure software

Developing secure software is challenging because it is a field that is constantly evolving. There are always new threats, and it is important to keep up with the latest trends. One of the biggest challenges of software security is that it is never complete.

Regulatory and technical developments

Legal reforms and technological developments ensure that it is constantly evolving. Companies that do not continuously review and improve their security expose themselves to significant risks, including financial loss and damage to their reputation.

Our comprehensive portfolio for the entire software development cycle

Built on our expertise, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio across the entire software development cycle:

Comprehensive, modular, instructive

An overview of our services

Everything from a single source

Our experts assist you with your entire development project, from requirements specification to design and development through to operation. You can rely on our support in all security matters relating to software development – from start to finish.

Sub-project support

Do you need support in implementing individual components of the software development process? Here, too, you can count on us. Our services range from one-off threat modelling to regular static code analysis.

Building a secure development structure

We will gladly advise you on how to set up and implement a secure development structure. What components need to be considered? What measures are to be taken? In collaboration with you, we develop various work packages and implementation scenarios that change your organisation or processes to ensure that your products are secure.

Analysis and preparation

Among other services, we also offer to analyse and prepare the entire application or system landscape for you. This provides you with an overview and a clear understanding of what measures you need to take in light of the bigger picture.

Improving IT security

No website or brochure can ever trump a face-to-face discussion about the goals and issues that are relevant to you. Let us brainstorm together how we can establish an awareness for the topic of application security in your company.

Do you have any questions?

No website and no brochure can replace a personal conversation about your goals and your issues. Let's consider together how we can establish awareness for the topic of application security in your company.

We look forward to an appointment at your premises or digitally. Contact us!

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