API Management

API management as a key factor in driving digitalisation forward

With API management, the company's treasure trove of data can be lifted and used for the future alignment of the business model and business processes.
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Digitalisation initiatives, newly created business models and the increase in internationalisation mean that companies need to quickly adapt to their customers’ and partners’ constantly shifting demands. Today’s digital business demands agility, automated processes and a procedure for exchanging data, elastic infrastructures and security. Designing, developing, monitoring and optimising interfaces, however, is highly complex and, for that reason, time-consuming.

Added value

API management promotes the agility of business processes and the rapid implementation of new business models to yield a service-oriented company with a modern IT landscape. An API management solution helps to optimise the integration process and standardise APIs. This solution also helps to holistically manage the API lifecycle. Using an API management solution makes integrating customers, partners and applications fast, secure and efficient. Standardising APIs also increases the reusability of services. The results include cost savings as well as increased implementation speeds for integration projects.

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API Management

Why API management with adesso?

adesso has many years of extensive industry knowledge paired with technical expertise regarding API management. Our certified specialists consult with you regardless of your product or platform and draw on proven process models when introducing API management solutions. We also assist you in implementing proofs of concept or minimum viable products, even before you introduce your API management solution.

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