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Positions as diverse as the activities

In the data & analytics environment, various statistical methods are used to extract information from collected data. The jobs in this environment are equally diverse: Find the positions that are right for you. We will show you what’s important in the various data & analytics positions.

As a data analyst, your task is to systematically collect, visualise and evaluate data to generate business-relevant insights. You will be responsible for the conception, development, monitoring and control of BI systems at our customers’ sites and for creating or designing suitable IT solutions.

As a data analyst, you have strong analytical and networked thinking capabilities combined with conceptual skills and quick perception. You feel at ease in the fields of business consulting, business analysis and data analysis

As a business consultant, you will analyse our customers’ business and IT processes, carry out requirements engineering and stakeholder management on a wide variety of projects and act as an interface between the business and IT departments. In addition, you will be responsible for project management in agile and traditional project environments and for holding on-site customer workshops.

Your capabilities also include entrepreneurial thinking, excellent communication skills and the ability to persuade, as well as a sound knowledge of the business intelligence sector with data warehouse concepts and data and analytics architectures. You feel at ease in the fields of business consulting, business analysis and data analysis.

As a data engineer, you are responsible for all processes related to the generation, storage, maintenance, preparation, enrichment and transfer of data. You will provide extensive advice and support to our customers in setting up and monitoring the hardware and software infrastructure.

As a data engineer, you are familiar with all requirements for data processes and can achieve high-performance scaling of data volumes. You are familiar with terms such as programming, databases and SQL. You feel at ease with big data, concept and software development.

As a big data engineer, you will evaluate and advise our customers on modern data platform architectures. You will also be responsible for the design and concept development of complex ingestion, process and access processes for data-driven products. You will have a significant influence on the setup and definition of big data platforms and data lakes.

You are eager to acquire new knowledge about applications, technologies and tools in a big-data context You are familiar with SQL and you are able to formulate simple queries. You have an in-depth understanding of the current big data landscape, which enables you to get on board quickly with new projects and create a solid foundation for data analysis processes. You feel at ease with big data, concept and software development.

As a data scientist, your task is to analyse our customers’ data according to trends and patterns in order to support business process optimisation. Using modern machine learning and deep learning methods, you will answer a wide range of questions arising from our customers’ specialist areas and derive recommended actions. Close cooperation and consultation with other departments is essential.

Your capabilities include analytical thinking, excellent communication skills and the ability to persuade, and machine learning and deep learning processes are a permanent part of your life. You are highly enthusiastic about working with large amounts of data and databases. You feel at ease with statistics, business analysis and software development.

Get to know us better

Our employees introduce themselves and their tasks in more detail. Learn more about working in the data & analytics environment at adesso.

Maria Frik – Data Scientist

“After completing my master’s degree in mathematics, I joined adesso as a trainee in 2018. Since then, I have expanded my knowledge in the position of data scientist and have obtained certification in deep learning procedures. In data science projects, I extract valuable information for the customer and help to make business decisions through data exploration and the use of machine and deep learning methods.”

Photo Maria Frik

Max Hoffmann – Big Data Engineer

"Since 2018 I have been working as a Big Data Engineer for adesso. The focus is on state-of-the-art Enterprise Open Source technologies for storing and processing large, differently structured data volumes. In our customer projects we use hybrid and multicloud architectures in order to build company wide data & analytics platforms and implement value-added use cases. My experience from various industries, as well as broad theoretical and deep software engineering know-how form the basis of my work and are applied in training courses as well as in various projects."

Photo Max Hoffmann

Dr. Rolf Becker – Data Engineer

“I am a Data Engineer at adesso in Frankfurt and I am especially involved in training, coaching and the introduction of SAS BI solutions with a focus on data management and data quality. As an accredited SAS trainer, I support clients in the introduction and use of the extensive SAS platform. Many customers benefit from my product and project experience, which forms an ideal symbiosis of theoretical expertise and strategies and procedures proven in practice.”

Photo  Dr. Rolf Becker

Louisa Burakowski – Business Engineer

“As a Business Engineer, I have been part of the team at adesso since 2019 and act here as an interface between the business department and IT. In this role, it is particularly important not to view technologies in isolation, but to always take organisational and social aspects into account. In exciting customer projects, I have the opportunity to immerse myself in innovative topics such as cloud, artificial intelligence, data-driven services or data & analytics platforms. Business engineers focus on requirements engineering, business analysis and the development of new (data) strategies. adesso offers me a strong collegial environment in which my learning curve is constantly steepening.”

Photo Johanna Odametey

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