Establishing a big data and analytics unit within the CDO team

IKK classic


IKK classic commissioned adesso with the analysis, preparation and derivation of findings in order to establish a big data and analytics unit within the Chief Digital Officer’s team (CDO). adesso proceeded in three phases:

Stage I – analysing the current situation: An analysis of the current situation and identification of possible weaknesses, taking into account strategic, organisational and technological perspectives.

Stage II – developing a target vision: Creation of a target vision for an organisational structure in the CDO’s area of responsibility based on the information determined in the analysis stage.

Stage III – outlining recommendations for action: Preparation of recommendations for action based on the previously determined information and requirements for establishing the big data and analytics team, taking into account the next steps for the perspectives gained from the analysis.


These measures formed the starting point for IKK classic to appoint its big data and analytics team and equip it with the expertise it needed. What’s more, IKK classic is now able to identify data-driven services, implement them using suitable technologies, anchor them and integrate them into the long-term corporate strategy.

IKK classic – a member of the Association of German Health Insurance Companies (Innungskrankenkassen) – is a German health insurance company with headquarters in Dresden. Its market comprises the whole of Germany.

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