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Qlik data and analytics with adesso

From SME to corporate group – how to ensure a continuous flow of information

Data integration and data analysis

The necessary basic information and insights must always be provided in a timely manner in order for companies to be able to react quickly to changing situations and make appropriate decisions. Qlik combines the areas of data integration and data analysis in a consistent platform that provides you with evaluations of your data in near real time.

As a Qlik certified data analytics expert, adesso provides veteran consultants to support you in making optimal use of Qlik platform components.

The ‘active intelligence’ approach

The Qlik platform enables you to create analytics data pipelines throughout every stage of information processing and preparation.

These pipelines enable you to map the path from data to insights, right through to decision support and concrete recommendations for action. They also reduce the complexity of these steps and produce rapid insights.

Qlik Data Integration – information in near real time

Qlik Data Integration – formerly known as Attunity CDC – connects your source systems in near real time. By using Change Data Capture in the source systems, the transfer of data changes is not performed using performance-intensive queries, but rather via the evaluation of the source system transaction logs. This allows changes to also arrive in the data lake or data warehouse without a major time lag, while avoiding any impact to operations.

Qlik Replicate supports a wide range of source systems and target platforms, no matter whether the data is in the cloud or in a local network.

Agile data warehouse automation

Building and updating data lakes and data warehouses often involves tedious manual tasks when defining data structures and creating ETL routes. Qlik Compose handles the automatic generation of DWH and data lake structures (facts, dimensions), supports the joint modelling of EDWH data models and thus enables the focus to be on business transformation. This achieves a sprint-based, iterative expansion of the loading routes and data structures, especially in agile projects.

Managed self-service BI with Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is web-based. This enables you to use all the functions of the platform, regardless of the client. In addition, Qlik Sense is tablet and mobile compatible and provides you with reports and dashboards exactly where you need them.

Integrated into an end-to-end platform or via a reporting solution on an existing data platform, via on-premises software or a SaaS solution in the cloud, you can transform data into meaningful visualisations with Qlik Sense.

Central data model with Qlik

Case Study: IMA DAIRY & FOOD

In order to obtain a uniform view of the supply chain, IMA DAIRY & FOOD developed a central data model together with adesso. The technological basis for this was the Qlik platform.

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What we offer

Our consultants understand the challenges of integrating different stakeholders into analytics projects and building the relevant data and analytics platforms, having the experience of over 20,000 person-days in business intelligence, big data and analytics projects. We help you develop the best possible solutions for your individual requirements.

adesso offers a variety of workshops and seminars for the enablement of your colleagues and employees. There’s a suitable offer for every level of knowledge – from the creation of Qlik Sense reports and dashboards to using Qlik to correctly model data all the way to the seminar for administrators:

Qlik Sense for analysts

Here, professional users learn how to actively analyse the management of a finished Qlik Sense application. The main topics include the special free filter principle, search functions and collaboration functions (for example, via storytelling).

Qlik Sense for power users and designers

Power users are empowered to create engaging analytics interfaces, from dashboards to analysis paths to detailed analyses by defining key figures, placing visualisations and filters and creating the design and ergonomics of a Qlik Sense application. Specialist developers utilise the data from ready-made data models that are available for this purpose – while remaining in compliance with the data security guidelines (data governance).

Qlik Sense data modelling

Developers are taught Qlik’s own agile approach in order to develop a clear data model from various data sources. The modelling of the data from the source data connection using various data layers is mainly done using Qlik’s own script environment.

Qlik Sense for administrators

Here, administrators learn about infrastructure-related configurations and how to manage the Qlik Sense environment in terms of permissions, role assignments and update processes.

Having a uniform, comprehensive view of the available data and the possibility to diversely utilise this data is a basic ability that is largely underdeveloped in many companies these days. It is the basis for use cases ranging from the optimisation of back-office processes and marketing to the optimisation of the customer experience. adesso helps you introduce a modern data platform with which different systems and data sources, poly-structured information, IoT data and real-time event processing can be integrated to ensure that you are well positioned for the future.


We make our wealth of experience from a large number of data platform projects available for your project, as well. Just contact us!

adesso’s specially trained UX consultants help you align the visualisation of your Qlik Sense dashboards with your target group and prepare information in an intuitively understandable way. The visualisation can be based on the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) and take your corporate identity into account. The visual perception of diagrams and tables is improved to include a focus on different user roles, which are represented by personas, and reports, presentations and dashboards are easier to understand. We give you the key to making successful decisions by helping you present your data properly.

We consult and support our clients in successfully implementing a managed self-service analytics strategy in the company and establishing the necessary governance. These include:

  • a definition of the distribution of roles and the necessary degrees of freedom for creating respective evaluations,
  • the management of evaluations with regard to the release and publication processes and
  • the conceptual design of the development test and productive environment.

The commercial integration of source data plays an important role in analytics platforms. The right approach determines how much effort must be invested in a stable solution and whether it’s easy to maintain and further develop.

Our experts at adesso lend support for the implementation of standardised and commercial data integration using change data capture (CDC) processes, from batch to streaming, on premises and in the cloud. Native SAP integration, simple expansion to additional data sources, the development of templates for interface-based data integration and the standards adesso employs in projects are just some of the added values that distinguish adesso projects.

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