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Intelligent text recognition with OCR

A helping hand for paper-heavy industries

From piles of paper to AI use cases

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an image processing technology that was developed to improve the automation of business processes. This popular digitisation technique is used in many industries to make businesses more efficient. By converting vast amounts of paper-based documents in different languages and formats into machine-readable text, OCR simplifies storage and makes previously inaccessible data available to anyone at the click of a mouse. Industries that benefit most from this are, for example, banks, insurance companies, universities, the legal sector or telecommunications, as their processes are very paper-heavy.

The aim of OCR is to extract text as accurately as possible from images of either physical objects (for example, graffiti or street signs) or handwritten or printed documents (such as notes, invoices, forms, spreadsheets or maps). The software can use any photo that contains text characters as input. Letters and words are recognised by analysing the pixels and output in the form of digital symbols that can then be edited, formatted or even translated into other languages.

Even though OCR technology delivers very good results in certain cases, it is still generally considered to be ambitious. In addition, the quality of the output is heavily dependent on the technology used and the type of document analysed. Our OCR specialists have experience with a wide range of text recognition technologies and can therefore offer you the best solutions for your specific requirements.

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Process for Intelligent text recognition

Advantages of using OCR:

  • Better automation of business processes
  • Saves time and storage space
  • Greater security
  • Data access and processing
  • Improved customer experience

Use Cases

Benefit from text recognition regardless of industry:
  • Data entry for business documents
  • Extract business card information into a list of contacts
  • Digitisation and searchability of books and journals
  • Conversion of handwriting in real time
  • Self check-in
  • Archiving historical information
  • Number plate recognition
  • And much more
Text recognition use cases for banks/financial service providers:
  • Signature verification in real time
  • Digitisation of cheques
  • Extraction of data from numerous documents for mortgage applications
  • Digitisation of banks’ physical post
  • Scanning and classification of bank statements
  • Credit card recognition
  • And much more
In the health sector, OCR is used to digitise:
  • Hospital records
  • Test results
  • X-ray images
  • Diagnostic and treatment records
  • Insurance payments
  • And much more
Text recognition use cases for insurance companies:
  • Digitisation and categorisation of letters
  • OCR-based claims processing
  • And much more with Aisaac

What we can offer you

See the benefits of OCR for yourself with a non-binding proof of concept (PoC) and take advantage of our industry expertise. Alternatively, arrange a workshop with our experienced consultants and learn how to use OCR software or find out how to improve your business processes using text recognition.

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