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Microsoft Power BI with adesso

Gain insights hidden in your data

Companies have huge amounts of all kinds of data nowadays, and each day this data is becoming more complex and comprehensive. In the face of this increasing complexity and volume of data, it is becoming a challenge to make data-driven decisions successfully and, above all, it requires an understanding of your data. This is exactly what Power BI from Microsoft emphasises. Your data is prepared in a comprehensible way and can be easily visualised using interactive analyses. This way, valuable insights can be gained even without a technical background.

Power BI focuses on individual users and small teams, offering ease of use for rapid analysis while at the same time providing security and governance features for enterprise use, which makes it suitable for the needs of large enterprises and corporations.

As a Microsoft Gold certified Data and Analytics Expert and Power BI Solution Partner, adesso supports you with a team of experienced and certified consultants so that you can make optimal use of everything Power BI has to offer.

Dashboards, reports and Excel analyses with Power BI as the platform

Power BI gives you a clear visualisation of the most important key figures – all at a glance in a dashboard. You also receive interactive reports with the familiar cross-filtering, paginated reports for the perfect print layout or data model analysis with Excel.

Power BI uses Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) to enable the encrypted storage of data in enterprise use. This guarantees the security of your company data when using the Power BI Cloud Service.

Dashborads, Reports and Excel-Analysis with Power BI
Self-service BI with governance

Departments need freedom of design when preparing analyses. Information security and a secure and efficient use of IT resources must be guaranteed as central aspects.

A rollout of Power BI can therefore never just be the provision of the necessary licences and accesses. Our experts will help you appropriately consider the relevant topics on compliance guidelines, authorisation concepts, the establishment or expansion of your data platform to support self-service BI as well as training for end users and administrators in your company.

Self-Service BI with Governance
Customer portal + interactive analyses with Power BI Embedded

Do you need an overview of the order fulfilment of the past months, an outlook on possible quantity scales and discounts or the identification of savings potentials when combining deliveries?

With Power BI Embedded, you make the added value of Power BI available to your customers in your customer portal, as well.

Kundenportal and interactive Analysis

Our Power BI offer

We understand the challenges of integrating different stakeholders and building the relevant data and analytics platforms, having the experience of over 20,000 person-days in business intelligence, big data and analytics projects. We help you develop the best possible solutions for your individual requirements.

Portfolio Power BI

Enablement – Workshops and training courses

adesso offers a variety of workshops and seminars for the enablement of your colleagues and employees. There’s a suitable offer for all levels of knowledge – from the creation of Power BI reports and dashboards to the correct data modelling with Power BI to the Deep Dive seminar:

  • Power BI consumers
    • Dashboard in a Day Format – 1 day
    • Dashboard and Reporting with Power BI – 2 days
    • Use of the Power BI Service Portal – 1 day
    • Power BI with Azure ML and AutoML – 1 day
    • Power BI data governance basics – 1 day
  • Key users, analysts and data scientists
    • DAX (basics, advanced, experts – 2 days each)
    • Power Query (basics, advanced, experts – 2 days each)
    • Advanced data modelling with Power BI – 1 day
    • Data science basics with R and Python in Power BI – 1 day
    • Power BI service: Workspace, app and report structure and configuration – 1 day
  • Administrators, data engineers and data architects
    • Dataflow development – 2 days
    • Dataset development – 2 days
    • Power BI Service Portal management and administration – 2 days
    • On-premises data gateway basics – 1 day
    • Data and access security basics – 1 day

You want a taste of Power BI? adesso, in cooperation with Microsoft, cordially invites you to one of our one-day, free workshops designed to show you the potential of Power BI. These are the right workshops for you to familiarise yourself with Power BI – whether you want to find out how Power BI can be used to meet organisational requirements concerning data visualisation and analysis or whether you intend to become more efficient and make a greater impact on your daily work.

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Comprehensibly prepared information

Our specially trained UX consultants help you align the visualisation of your Power BI dashboards with your target group and prepare information in an intuitively understandable way. The visualisation can be based on the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) and take your CI into account. The visual perception of diagrams and tables is improved to include a focus on different user roles, which are represented by personas, to better understand reports, presentations and dashboards. By helping you present your data properly, we give you the key to making successful decisions.

Introducing self-service analytics the right way – Governance when introducing Power BI

We advise and support you in successfully implementing the Power BI self-service approach in your company and establishing the necessary governance – with workshops, training courses, the development of high-performance data models, modern report design and mobile BI solutions, among other things. Even if your company already uses Power BI, we support you – be it in performance optimisation, performing a deep dive on the design of information security when using Power BI or with the maintenance and operation of your Power BI platform.

Building your Power BI reporting platform

adesso offers consulting concerning the Power BI Report Server; with this modern on-premises reporting solution, users get access to complex, interactive report pages as well as the report building functions of SQL Server Reporting Services. Explore data visually and quickly identify patterns to make better decisions. Simultaneously generate accurately formatted and paginated reports to meet your business demands.

Structuring your data and analytics platform

A uniform, comprehensive view of the available data and the possibility to diversly utilise this data are the basics, and in many companies these days, they are only poorly developed. They are the basis for use cases that range from the optimisation of back-office processes and marketing to the optimisation of the customer experience. adesso helps you introduce a modern data platform. This allows for the integration of various systems and data sources, poly-structured information, IoT data and real-time event processing and equips your business for the future. Forming the basis of your modern data platform, in addition to Power BI, are modern Azure platform services – such as Azure Synapse – which provide a high-performance and technical data platform basis, as well as Azure Purview, which provides diverse options for data management and data governance.

Power BI

We make our wealth of experience from a large number of data platform projects available for your project, as well. Just contact us!

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