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Promoting the next generation of IT talent - Training year 2022: record number of apprentices join adesso

Fostering new talent is the best remedy for the shortage of skilled workers in the IT industry – or at least that’s the philosophy at adesso, Germany’s Best Employer 2020 (Great Place to Work®). When recruiting the IT experts of tomorrow, companies can control their destinies by offering attractive training programmes and content that appeals to young people. As the new 2022/23 training year kicks off, 45 apprentices and students from cooperative

When it comes to the shortage of skilled IT workers, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, the opposite is true: According to a study by the digital association Bitkom, there were 96,000 vacant positions in the industry at the start of the year. Demand for software specialists is highest by a considerable margin, followed by vacancies for IT project managers and project coordinators. This doesn’t bode well for the digitalisation of the economy, especially as two out of every three companies only expect the staffing shortages to get worse. As a result, offering training to young people in highly sought-after professions is becoming all the more important.

For adesso, professionally oriented in-house training is hugely valuable. This year, the IT service provider has been particularly successful in its search for talent: A total of 45 young people – more than double the number recruited the previous year – are set to start their apprenticeships or cooperative educational programmes at adesso this summer. Of this year’s cohort, 34 have opted to train as application development specialists and five as system integration specialists, while six others will begin apprenticeships in commercial office management. This year the adesso offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Reutlingen, Cologne, Karlsruhe and Bremen will function as training sites alongside the company headquarters in Dortmund, where 25 will be starting their training.

In this year's training year 45 dual students and trainees start at adesso - more than ever before (photo: trainees and dualis starting at adesso in august). (Copyright: adesso)]

At the beginning of the new 2022/23 training year, adesso SE will therefore will have a total of almost 758 junior IT staff, including 138 apprentices and students from the cooperative education programme, as well as 582 working students. Besides in-house training, adesso also offers work experience placements for secondary school pupils and students, as well as bachelor’s degrees in partnership with two universities: the adesso School of Coding and Software Engineering at the XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam and the adesso School of Digital Health at the Hochschule Fresenius in Düsseldorf.

“We made the decision many years ago to combat the shortage of skilled workers by investing in in-house training and the next generation of talent,” says Dirk Pothen, member of the adesso Executive Board whose responsibilities include HR. “Vocational training is a significant part of our commitment. Promoting new talent is key to our success, innovative strength and competitiveness. Fortunately, many of the young people who learn their craft and study at adesso remain with the company once they are fully trained."

Further training is just as important at adesso. Following in the footsteps of its multiple Great Place to Work® awards, the company also intends to become a Great Place to Learn, too. The in-house training catalogue covers 230 courses with a range of training programmes, from in-person and online training to self-learning concepts. The training content is developed by adesso experts, but the company also partners with service providers and other platforms such as Udemy and LinkedIn Learning. Software development courses are just as much a part of the training catalogue as project management and communication skills.

Dirk Pothen, member of the Management Board at adesso and responsible for HR topics: "For us, promoting young talents is important for success, innovative strength and competitiveness."

“We firmly believe that no other investment has been, is and will remain more important than investing in training our employees,” Pothen adds. “Learning new skills and becoming familiar with new technologies and tools has a direct impact on the quality of our work. What’s more, training is the ideal breeding ground for new experiences. Taking part in training is about networking, dialogue and innovative ideas. Last but not least, our training offerings give us a real edge in recruitment, attracting the curious, the passionate and those keen to immerse themselves in new fields.”

Those who missed the start of the 2022/23 training year can find out more about the apprenticeships and cooperative education programmes on offer for training year 2023/24 on the adesso website:

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