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Influencer marketing trends 2022: corporate influencers, live formats and influencer podcasts shaping the scene

What are the influencer marketing trends for 2022? For the fourth year in succession, Reachbird, adesso’s influencer marketing agency, has asked the experts what they think and put together some of the most important trends for the new year. In the Influencer Marketing Trend Report 2022, advertising firms, agencies, academics and influencers report back on what they consider to be the influencer marketing trends for 2022. The report offers plenty of future forecasts and recommendations, as well as practical insight for marketers.

The key finding in the Influencer Marketing Trend Report 2022 is that influencer marketing isn’t just confined to Instagram. Next year, the booming platform TikTok, plus LinkedIn and podcasts, will be the places to be. Video content – short-form and live video to be precise – are likely to dominate across all platforms in 2022. In addition, influencer relations are becoming more important as influencers detach themselves from short-term partnerships and work on their own products and brands. This trend of influencers becoming companies and competing with established firms is known as the creator economy.

All in all, the trends for 2022 cover three different areas: corporate influencers, live formats and influencer podcasts. The expert insight in the Trend Report 2022 provides some exciting indications on current and future developments as well as some practical tips on setting up your own influencer marketing strategy:

Top 10 influencer marketing trends:

1. Increasing importance of influencer relations – rising number of long-term campaigns

The last few years have shown that influencers are becoming increasingly picky when it comes to their collaboration partners, which is why brands should focus on influencers who identify with the brand and are looking to build long-term partnerships.

2. Additional sources of income from influencer podcasts and exclusive platform deals

Influencers Julien Bam and Rezo appear to have honed in on the right format with their podcast, hobbylos. By signing an exclusive deal with Spotify, the pair have unlocked an additional source of income that strengthens the bond to their community and increases their visibility and reach. On the back of the pair’s success with hobbylos, more exclusive influencer podcasts are expected in 2022.

3. Independence through own influencer brands and investment activities

Over the past few years, it has become commonplace for influencers to go it alone or even become investors themselves. In future, influencers will become less and less reliant on one-shot partnerships.

4. Corporate influencers and employer branding

Influencer marketing is more than just about selling products – something that many employers now well understand. Influencers will start to be used more in a B2B context and for employer branding purposes in future.

5. Qualitative assessment of influencer marketing campaigns is becoming increasingly important

Quantitative targets are easier to measure, but in 2022 the focus will be on the quality of content, interactions and conversions. Greater attention will be paid to subjective perceptions among communities, especially when it comes to comparing campaigns.

6. Short-form video coming to the fore – TikTok the rising star

Short-form videos on TikTok or Instagram are growing in popularity and overtaking conventional image-only posts. Social media users have increasingly high standards when it comes to content quality. For influencers, it’s all about standing out from the crowd. TikTok, which is the king of short-form videos, will be at the leading edge of this trend in 2022.

7. Older generation of influencers becoming more and more popular

Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many activities have been transported into the digital domain. Digital advertisers are therefore unlocking an increasing number of new target groups, particularly in the over 50s category. Influencers of an older generation, who are loyal and authentic collaboration partners with years of consumer experience, are being used more and more to reach this target group more efficiently.

8. Increasing transparency in pricing

Revenue-based variables for influencer fees will grow in importance in the new year in order to ensure an appropriate price/performance ratio in influencer marketing. Generally speaking, the pricing transparency trend in influencer marketing is positive and should be supported by the community.

9. Live formats to become key pillar of content production

Live video formats can be used to introduce customers to products in a similar manner to face-to-face presentations. This makes influencers more approachable and authentic for their communities and the format offers the chance to pair e-commerce with entertainment. Live shopping will become increasingly relevant in 2022.

10. Influencers in the world of politics

Ever since 2019, when German YouTuber Rezo produced a now infamous video on politics, more and more influencers are building up the courage to talk about their political views. In future, influencers will play more of a role in the political landscape and share their views on social media.

For the CEO of Reachbird, Usama Abu-Pascha, who also manages the digital marketing business at adesso, the forecast trends send a clear signal to the consulting sector. “Next year we are preparing to see more and more companies, especially in the B2B sector, switching their focus to influencer marketing. Data-based and KPI-driven influencer campaigns offer companies quick and valuable insights about how the market works. Social commerce also offers plenty of potential in this area. If deployed with well-considered mechanisms and long-term partnerships, influencer marketing can give these companies a clear competitive edge.”

Reachbird CEO Usama Abu-Pascha:

Reachbird CEO Usama Abu-Pascha: "Especially data-based and KPI-driven influencer campaigns offer companies quick and valuable insights into how the market 'ticks'." (Copyright: adesso)

The Influencer Marketing Trend Report 2022 is available to download for free here:

Influencer Marketing Trend Report 2022: Corporate Influencers, Live Formats and Influencer Podcasts dominate the Scene in 2022 (Copyright: Reachbird)

Influencer Marketing Trend Report 2022: Corporate Influencers, Live Formats and Influencer Podcasts dominate the Scene in 2022 (Copyright: Reachbird)

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