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In future, the IT service provider adesso will make EUR 30,000 available annually for open source projects, spread over three projects.

Open-source software is used in a large number of development projects and can be found in almost all software products. According to Bitkom’s Open Source Monitor 2021, 87 % of all large German companies consciously make use of it in projects and products. However, many developers of open-source projects work on a voluntary basis and make their software available free of charge. While large organisations often have a solid financial foundation to rely on, smaller newcomer projects increasingly lack these resources. As a result, adesso has decided to start supporting them with funding each year.

From now on, the IT service provider will make EUR 30,000 available every year, divided between three projects. The idea is to support smaller initiatives in particular, says Thomas Bendig, Chief Innovation Officer at adesso. “Many open-source projects are run by developers entirely in their spare time. Yet they are hugely important as a basis for our software development. In many industries, they have quickly set new standards and significantly reduced project times. That’s why we want to give something back to the developers whose work benefits our projects.”

Thomas Bendig, Chief Innovation Officer at adesso

All developers at adesso were able to help decide which initiatives to support. A survey initially yielded 64 suggestions that employees considered worthy of funding. All the projects submitted have already been successfully used in adesso customer work. Following a vote, three of them were jointly selected to receive financial assistance this year.

  • EUR 15,000 will be awarded to the documentation tool plantUML, which serves to create UML diagrams and makes it possible to automatically generate diagrams using a simple, intuitive and text-based language. The product was invented by Arnaud Roques.
  • MapStruct, a project led by Filip Hrisafov, will receive EUR 10,000. The Java-based open-source framework enables developers to write simpler and more maintainable mapping code by automating the implementation of mapping logic.
  • An amount of EUR 5,000 will be granted to the open-source framework MassTransit maintained by Chris Patterson. The tool, which helps implement distributed applications using a message bus pattern, offers an abstract infrastructure aimed at improving the development of messaging-based systems.

A survey of the recipients reveals that a large share of the funds goes towards paying the people involved in developing the software. Some of the money also covers the costs of hosting the website or testing the infrastructure. “Sharing knowledge and providing code to enable enhancements is what open-source software is all about,” says Bendig. “Through our support, we aim to express appreciation, spark discussion, provide feedback and exchange insights, as well as cement existing contacts. That’s why we will select three open-source projects to assist financially each year from now on. This is our way of making a statement and strengthening the community in the long term.”

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