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Fast, secure, simple: adesso presents ODIS for digital identity verification

adesso is launching a new eID service for verifying digital identities. With the Open Digital Identity Solution, or ODIS, the IT service provider offers a complete solution for using the online function (eID) on German ID cards. From June, customers can turn to adesso for all the service components they need from a single source, allowing them to benefit from state-of-the-art technology. ODIS sets a new standard in the market and meets the increasing demand for efficient and secure identity solutions, both in private-sector industries such as banking, insurance and healthcare, as well as in the public sector.

The wide range of products and services offered by ODIS enables companies to verify digital identities securely, quickly and easily. adesso has all the relevant certifications, including authorisation by the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) as an identification service provider in accordance with the German Act on Identity Cards and Electronic Identification, as well as certification by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The ODIS.eID service is easy to integrate into customer systems and is available for mobile and web applications.

Proprietary eID server and managed services

adesso relies on a proprietary eID server, which was developed in accordance with the latest standards and the technical guidelines of the BSI. The ODIS.eID server plays an essential role in allowing people and businesses to use the eID function. It extracts the necessary data once the validity of the ID card has been verified cryptographically and checked against revocation lists.

The ODIS.eID server allows adesso itself to act as an identification service provider. As a result, consumers see the IT service provider as the extracting authority. At the same time, ODIS can also be used as a managed service if a customer has its own authorisation certificate. In combination with other ODIS.eID managed services, customers can customise their own service and make it more efficient, helping them cover peak loads and more. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the ODIS.eID server outperforms the usual market standard by a clear margin, making it possible to carry out a large number of transactions in a short time.

The ODIS.eID client ensures seamless integration into customers’ mobile applications in order to embed digital identity verification into an up-to-date process. The client is available for Android and iOS and can be used with the eID servers from any provider.

“The eID function on ID cards has the potential to be a digitalisation booster for Germany, but has been used far too little so far,” says Thorsten Wilmes, Director Digital Identity at adesso.

“With ODIS, adesso now offers a new service that allows companies to conveniently and securely integrate the online ID function into their customer services. ODIS covers all the steps involved in using the eID and is particularly impressive thanks to its seamless integration into our customers’ digital processes. By addressing numerous industries and providing the necessary expertise, adesso is the ideal partner for the implementation of secure digital identity verification in almost all areas of the private sector. From banks and insurance companies to retailers and lottery companies, customers can turn to us to get everything from a single source!”

Thorsten Wilmes, Director Digital Identity at adesso. (Source: adesso SE)

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