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Expanding SAP analytics business: adesso acquires quadox AG, rises to rank among top 5 SAP analytics market leaders in Germany

adesso SE is acquiring quadox AG, a company based in Walldorf, Germany, that specialises in SAP analytics. The acquisition will double the size of adesso’s existing team of experts in the burgeoning SAP analytics field, taking the number to about 70. The move to expand this financially important cross-cutting segment puts the IT service provider among the five biggest SAP analytics experts in Germany. Big-name companies that are already customers of quadox will be served by the adesso Group going forward.

adesso has acquired 100 % of the shares in quadox AG, a company based in Walldorf, Germany, that specialises in innovative data management and SAP analytics and business intelligence solutions. Effective 1 September 2022, 35 SAP analytics experts, including quadox board members Christian Schroeter and Rainer Bärmeier, will move to the Data and Analytics team at adesso, forming a strong SAP analytics unit of 70 specialists in all.

The deal also adds prominent companies like HeidelbergCement, Airbus, Rohde & Schwarz, Deutsche Post and adidas as adesso customers in this business segment, building on their long-term customer relationships with quadox.

The acquisition of quadox AG marks the fifth important strategic step that SAP Gold Partner adesso has taken in the SAP business segment over the past two years, following the establishment of an adesso office in Walldorf in September 2020 to strengthen the partnership with SAP, the merger with SAP consultancy QUANTO to found the subsidiary adesso orange AG in early 2021 and the subsequent integration of Solbicon and Gorbit.

Once quadox is integrated into adesso SE, about 500 out of the adesso Group’s current total of more than 7,500 employees (by headcount) will work in the extended SAP ecosystem, with a whopping 70 SAP analytics experts working in the unit run by Benedikt Bonnmann, Head of the Data & Analytics (D&A) division at adesso. Bonnmann looks forward to the expansion of the team, especially the addition of true D&A experts: “The quadox team is highly regarded for their SAP analytics specialists and data warehouse architects, making them the perfect addition to our SAP, data and analytics expertise. SAP analytics is an emerging subject that we’re hearing a lot more about from customers, especially in the context of the S/4HANA switchover. Companies are using SAP analytics and SAP IBP to optimise their success these days. We’re proud to be one of the top five providers in Germany in this field now, and to be able to support customers as they embark on challenging large projects.”

Benedikt Bonnmann, Head of the "Data & Analytics" business unit of adesso: "quadox's team of highly recognized SAP analytics specialists and data warehouse architects is an ideal complement to our SAP, data and analytics expertise. (Copyright: adesso)

The two co-founders and directors of quadox AG, Christian Schroeter and Rainer Bärmeier, also see the merger as offering tremendous opportunities and a bright future. Schroeter: “We now have thousands of new colleagues all over Europe. Together, we can tap into existing potential much better and work on even large projects in the D&A universe all in-house. Our customers will benefit from our broader range of services, both thematically and geographically. The new network and the existing adesso structures will give our own employees completely new prospects and opportunities to continue to grow and expand their own skills. Bärmeier agrees, adding: “After a success story running for more than 20 years in the SAP environment, now is the perfect time to join forces. When we were just starting out, most of our projects were purely SAP technology-based, but now we are facing much more complex tasks and potential solutions in the D&A segment. Pooling our expertise will give us much broader access to the market. We’re delighted to be bringing our two success stories together and starting a new chapter as one team.”

Within the Executive Board of adesso SE, Torsten Wegener is responsible for the acquisition of quadox and for integrating the company into the Data & Analytics division. “adesso supplies technological and industry know-how and years of expertise to support companies as they go about their digital transformation. Key building blocks include data-driven systems and the implementation and operation of SAP solutions – on premises and in the cloud. The combined SAP analytics unit will make us an even stronger and more capable player in the data and analytics segment, significantly reinforcing our position on the booming and dynamic SAP market. Working hand in hand with our subsidiary adesso orange, this will mean we are establishing a leading centre of competence in business and analytics solutions for major projects in the private and public sectors,” Wegener says, offering his takeaway on the acquisition.

According to adesso board member Torsten Wegener, adesso will become "more powerful in the data and analytics area and significantly strengthens its position in the dynamically growing SAP market". (Copyright: adesso)

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