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Bold decisions pay off: adesso digital day presents successful digitalisation strategies

Behind every digital success story there are bold people – people with the audacity to shape trends and change the world. These people and their stories are set to take centre stage at this year’s adesso digital day on 21 June at Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf. Respected business leaders such as Dr Michael Müller-Wünsch (Chief Information Officer at the Otto Group), Kian Mossanen (CIO of Siemens Energy Global), Christian Niederhagemann (CIO at the GEA Group) and Stefanie Kemp (CTO of Sana Kliniken AG) will offer exclusive insights into their IT and business strategies for success.

The event is scheduled to open with a keynote by trend researcher David Mattin, known internationally as the creator of the newsletter “New World, Same Humans”. In his presentation (“Three Tech-Fueled Trends for 2024 and Beyond”), Mattin will take a critical look at the current economic situation and discuss new approaches to digitalisation. Topics will include the opportunities associated with generative AI – algorithms that are capable of creating new content on their own – as well as a reminder that disruptive solutions require the right mindset to be successful.

Dr Michael Müller-Wünsch is Chief Information Officer at the Otto Group and was voted “CIO of the Year” in 2022. In his presentation (“Goodbye, End in Itself: Digitalisation as the Driving Force of Social Progress”), he will take attendees on the transformation journey that has turned Otto into an intelligent, real-time company.

Advancements in digitalisation have an impact on the global ecological footprint of IT infrastructure. That makes it all the more important to strike a balance between technology and protecting the climate. Kian Mossanen, CIO of Siemens Energy Global, will illustrate the ways IT can help reduce carbon emissions based on specific use cases.

Christian Niederhagemann (CIO of the GEA Group), Stefanie Kemp (CTO of Sana Kliniken AG and member of the adesso SE Supervisory Board) and Bettina Possmann-Braun (Head of Digitalisation Projects and Process Management at Deutscher Fußball-Bund) will discuss why people need to be at the heart of any digitalisation strategy. Niederhagemann will demonstrate how platform usability is the ultimate factor in customer experience. Kemp will talk about the digital hospital and the significance of the patient journey, while Possmann-Braun will show attendees how Deutscher Fußball-Bund has succeeded in raising fan loyalty to a new level through personalised communication.

Data is the core of any digitalisation strategy. Being able to handle the massive volume of information out there is essential to creating and rolling out new and improved processes, products and business models. The recipe for success is the right combination of business and IT. The presentations and speeches at digital day cover a wide range of topics and illustrate that the best approach is to consider both angles from the very start.

Additional speakers and topics include Frank Dobelmann, Chief Technology Officer at adesso, (digital identities), Gregor Biering, Team Lead Maintenance Systems at RWE Renewables (data mesh), and Volker Gruhn, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of adesso SE, who will join Benedikt Bonnmann, Head of Line of Business Data & Analytics at adesso, to talk about boundless data.

Three further sessions are set to focus on transformation in general: Patrick Löser (Director Operations at Fresenius Medical Care) will take a closer look at the topic of process mining. Patricia Kasandziev (Member of The Management Board for Market and Digitalisation at Bank99 AG) will show attendees how the Austrian start-up has evolved into a key player in a highly competitive market. And Sandra di Stefano (Managing Director at corporate benefits IT solutions GmbH) will explain how partnership can change the workplace environment.

“The past few crisis-stricken years have made it more than clear that businesses with the courage to embrace change reap the benefits,” says Oliver Schobert, Chief Sales Officer at adesso and host of this year’s digital day. “Is there a specific formula for successful digitalisation? No. But there are many successful approaches, as our speakers demonstrate. Only those who make bold decisions will succeed financially and defy the many crisis situations that bring others to their knees. Our guests will receive food for thought when it comes to modernising their IT. We will hear inspiring stories about the digital reality, its challenges and suitable solutions.”

Oliver Schobert, Chief Sales Officer of adesso, hosts this year's adesso digital day: “Companies that demonstrate the courage to change will be rewarded.” (Copyright: adesso)

Further information is available online from adesso. Companies and journalists wishing to attend can register for the event on the website.

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