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adesso obtains “preferred partner” status for the RISE electronic patient record

Starting in 2022, private health insurance companies will make electronic patient records available to their members, which will require a secure, state-of-the-art infrastructure. The IT service provider adesso SE has entered into a “preferred partnership” with the technology company RISE (Research Industrial Systems Engineering) GmbH to support their customers in the private health insurance sector in implementing and developing electronic patient records with innovative value-added features, technologies and services based on the accredited RISE technology.

The main goal of the electronic patient record is to create a highly secure, digital application for each insured patient, containing all of the necessary data for medical treatment. The record can then be made available to healthcare professionals at the patient’s request.

The electronic patient record (ePA 2.0) will be introduced into the private health insurance sector on 1 January 2022. From this point on, the electronic patient record, which has already been introduced into the statutory health insurance system, will be equipped with significantly more wide-ranging functions, such as the digital vaccination certificate, which will then be saved in the electronic patient record.

adesso’s use of RISE technology is primarily directed towards the private health insurance market, which adesso already serves with its application environment in|sure Ecosphere, an evolutionary standard software for the insurance market. Besides the efficient implementation of the electronic patient record, the cooperation between both of the companies enables them to also offer customers innovative, insurance-specific, value-added features.

The Austrian high-tech company RISE, located in Berlin, is one of Germany’s leading IT system houses for IT components in the medical telematics infrastructure and for electronic patient records. RISE is currently one of three manufacturers of approved electronic patient records and has developed one of the three connectors for the telematics infrastructure that have been approved in Germany. RISE’s electronic patient record is used by over 85 of the current 103 statutory health insurance providers today. Furthermore, RISE already carries out several electronic patient record connections at private health insurance companies that do not use in|sure Ecosphere. RISE is also the manufacturer of the central eRezept IDP (Identity Provider) which is scheduled to come out on the market this year.

Over the last 20 years, adesso has established itself as a strong solutions partner in the insurance and health industries and in the course of this upcoming year, the electronic patient record will be combined with adesso insurance solutions (in|sure Health Policy and in|sure Health Claims). Furthermore, adesso will participate in the cooperation as an experienced process and technology consultant, offering economic solutions to the insurance industry and providing insured persons with electronic patient records to support them in their personal health management. adesso’s range of services includes the conception, implementation and integration of electronic patient records into the insurance process and IT environment, as well as the creation of an “app factory” for the development and use of internal and external added-value services, to transform the insurance provider from a “health payer” into a “health partner”.

Stefan Riedel

Stefan Riedel is a member of the adesso Executive Board and is responsible for the Insurance division. (Copyright: adesso)

“The implementation of the electronic patient record is a complex challenge. There is no blueprint. Therefore, it all depends on everyone’s willingness to work together. With RISE, we have an experienced partner on our side to help us support the private health insurance companies in implementing the electronic patient record,” says Stefan Riedel, member of the Executive Board for adesso’s Insurance department.

“Sooner or later electronic patient records and their subsequent innovative health and medical applications will present insured persons with a key tool for their health. This is precisely where adesso can make a difference, due to its position especially in the area of ‘app on prescription’. Through the strategic positioning of the electronic patient record, insurance companies can ensure an innovative boost for digital health,” explains Dr Thorsten Vogel, Head of adesso’s Health business.

Dr Thorsten Vogel

Dr Thorsten Vogel is head of the Health division at adesso. (Copyright: private)

“The electronic patient record is the next logical step in offering insured persons optimal, integrated healthcare. With the transfer of findings, diagnoses and therapeutic measures, it provides doctors, therapists and pharmacists with clear information and a basis for decision-making,” continues Dr Christian Schanes, Head of Telematics and IT Security at RISE. “Unlike statutory health insurance providers, private health insurance companies are not obligated to offer electronic patient records this year. However, the issue is becoming increasingly important in this sector and people are starting to realise that this is an area to invest in, so as not to fall behind the statutory health insurance providers. Private health insurance providers can now lay the groundwork to create secure and, at the same time, easy-to-use services for their customers.”

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