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The renewable energy industry is booming, with wind turbines taking on a central role in driving this growth. While the wind energy sector continues to grow, approval procedures are becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. This is where augmented reality (AR) comes into play. By integrating AR into the wind turbine construction process, approval procedures can be sped up and digitalised. I will show how this works in my blog post.

The challenges involved in wind turbine construction

Building wind turbines is a complex undertaking requiring a host of permits. This can take years because of the many different authorities, environmental regulations and technical requirements that come into play. Expediting this process is essential to using renewable energy more efficiently and mitigating the effects of climate change.

AR as a tool to speed up the approval procedure

AR is an innovative solution that can be used to expedite and digitalise the approval procedure for wind turbines. The main advantages of AR integration include:

  • Virtual site assessment: AR makes it possible to carry out a virtual assessment of potential sites for wind turbines, which saves time during field visits and proves a great help when it comes time to select the optimal site to erect the turbines.
  • 3D models and simulations: AR can add 3D models of planned wind turbines to the physical environment, enabling authorities, residents and environmental experts to better understand the project and visualise potential impacts.
  • Real-time communication: AR enables seamless communication between stakeholders. Permitting authorities, engineers and residents can share information and address concerns in real time.
  • Seminars and other training measures: AR can also be used for training purposes. Builders and technicians can undergo training in a virtual environment to improve their skills and increase safety.

Tapping the potential of AR by visualising projects that shape the landscape

The task of project development can be reimagined for the future when it comes to carrying out power plant projects or building renewable energy plants. To give an example, developing an AR app and then making it available can put project planners in a position where they are able to support and/or implement projects even more precisely and interactively. An AR app generates comprehensive live visualisations of objects that shape the landscape, be that wind turbines or solar parks. Integrating AR into the process leads to greater transparency, more dynamism and increased efficiency in project development.

The future of wind turbine construction is digital

AR technology has the potential to revolutionise wind turbine construction by speeding up and digitalising approval procedures. This innovative technology will not only accelerate the expansion of renewables, but also increase the efficiency and sustainability of the industry. AR apps for wind turbine construction are still new today, whereas they could soon become an indispensable tool in the renewable energy sector. The future of wind turbine construction is undoubtedly digital, and AR is paving the way for this exciting change.

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