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Integration and combination of workflows

In 2024, online marketing is no longer just about using artificial intelligence, but about combining different AI technologies with each other to map complex workflows. This combination enables the seamless and efficient implementation of marketing strategies. In this blog post, you can find out what such integrated AI workflows can look like and which use cases are particularly exciting.

How the use of AI is influencing online marketing

Artificial intelligence is changing the way companies interact with their customers and shape their marketing strategies. The automation of processes, the intelligent analysis of data and the adaptation of personalised content in real time enable more targeted and efficient marketing. Here are some of the most interesting use cases that illustrate the potential of AI in marketing.

Persona creation based on product information

The first step in a modern AI-supported marketing workflow is the creation of personas. Artificial intelligence can be used to create detailed customer profiles customised to your own company based on information from product websites, landing pages and sales documents. These personas serve as the basis for all further marketing activities.

By analysing company-specific information, the AI can develop detailed personas in a very short time. These profiles help to precisely identify and understand target group needs and align the marketing strategy accordingly.

Use case: AI-supported persona development

Traditionally, the creation of personas requires a thorough analysis of market research data and extensive interviews. Artificial intelligence speeds up this process considerably by analysing large amounts of data in a short space of time and identifying patterns that reflect typical customer behaviour and preferences, which are then output in a persona template. This enables companies to quickly access well-founded customer profiles that serve as the basis for developing targeted marketing measures.

Simulated market research with AI

The insights gained from persona creation can be used to optimise existing landing pages or product pages or to create new ones. Artificial intelligence analyses the pages based on the personas and market research results and makes recommendations as to which texts and visuals should be used and how they should be positioned. Market research can be simulated on the basis of the personas created. AI can complete market research questionnaires by adopting the perspective of the personas. In adesso reference projects, these simulated results have proven to be up to 80% consistent with traditional market research.

Use case: AI-supported market research

Companies can use artificial intelligence to generate market research data quickly and cost-effectively that is almost as reliable as conventional methods. This enables deeper insights and more precise planning of marketing campaigns. The simulation of market research using AI can also be continuously updated, meaning that companies always have up-to-date data available to adjust their strategies.

Optimisation and creation of landing pages

The insights gained can be used to optimise existing landing pages or product pages or to create new ones. Artificial intelligence analyses the pages based on the personas and market research results and makes recommendations as to which texts and visuals should be used and how they should be positioned.

Use case: AI-supported A/B testing and conversion optimisation

Artificial intelligence can analyse and optimise existing content or suggest new content that is perfectly tailored to the target group. AI-supported A/B testing can automatically select the best variant and suggest adjustments to improve the user experience and website performance.

Real-time analysis of user behaviour enables the personalisation of content, recommendations and offers based on demographic data, browsing behaviour and purchase history. AI-based calculations of conversion behaviour can be used to derive targeted measures to increase the likelihood of purchases or registrations.

SEO-optimised content creation

As soon as the basic structure of the website is in place, artificial intelligence can be used to create content. AI-supported keyword research provides the basis for SEO-optimised texts such as blog posts or product descriptions. Visuals can also be created using AI to make the pages more appealing.

Use case: SEO and content creation

The AI carries out comprehensive keyword research and creates SEO-optimised content based on this. This increases visibility in search engines and effectively appeals to the target group. In addition, the AI can create content in various formats to improve different aspects of the user experience, such as interactive elements, infographics and videos.

Creation and optimisation of ads

To run a campaign, target group-specific ads now need to be created. The AI identifies relevant channels and touchpoints based on the personas. It creates the ad copy in the appropriate tone of voice and can analyse and optimise existing ad sets.

Use case: AI-supported ad creation

The AI creates target group-specific ads and optimises existing campaign content. This includes identifying the best channels and adapting the ad copy to the needs of the target group. By analysing past campaign data, the AI can also make recommendations on what type of advertising messages are most effective and which creative elements achieve the highest conversion rate.

Campaign analysis and optimisation

Once the campaign has been launched, the use of AI is far from over. The various digital channels can be integrated into the AI, which then analyses the campaign with a simple click of the mouse. With simple text input, detailed analyses can be carried out, diagrams created and the results interpreted.

Use case: AI-supported campaign analysis

By integrating the various channels, the AI can carry out a comprehensive analysis of campaign performance. This makes it possible to make informed decisions and continuously optimise the campaign. For example, the AI can provide real-time feedback on which elements of a campaign are performing particularly well and which need to be adjusted in order to achieve the targets.

The integration of data from various sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and Google Ads enables detailed interactions and analyses of existing campaign data in seconds. Data transfer from all analytics accounts allows direct visualisation of KPIs and data analysis to derive specific marketing activities and measures. By using live data instead of stored query data, efficiency is increased, budgets are optimised and decision-making is improved.


The combination of different AI in online marketing makes it possible to design complex workflows efficiently and effectively. Companies that use these integrated AI workflows can precisely plan, implement and optimise their marketing strategies. This leads to a targeted and improved customer approach, higher conversion rates and an overall increase in marketing efficiency. In an increasingly digitalised world, the integration of AI technologies in marketing has become indispensable.

AI-supported workflows in marketing: efficiency redefined H2

Understanding and applying target group-specific marketing strategies in combination with artificial intelligence has a significant impact on the success of your marketing measures. We are happy to support you in developing customised use cases and solutions in line with your specific marketing strategies and work with you to develop a strategy for the future AI-based orientation of your marketing.

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Michael Welp is a Digital Strategy Consultant at adesso and develops holistic digital strategies and solution concepts for companies to meet their individual challenges. A particular focus is on the topics of digital experience, digital marketing and artificial intelligence with the aim of linking these topics and maximising the benefits for companies.

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