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Hydrogen has the potential to play a key role in the European energy transition. With the increasing focus on renewable energy and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, hydrogen is seen as a clean and versatile energy carrier. However, in addition to technological advances in the field of hydrogen production, storage and application, digitalisation also plays a crucial role in the development of this industry. This blog post explains the digitalisation potential and fields of application behind this in more detail.

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a chemical element that is considered a promising energy source, as it only produces water vapour when burned and therefore does not release any harmful emissions. This property makes hydrogen an important building block for the decarbonisation of various sectors such as transport, industry and energy generation.

Digitalisation potential in the hydrogen sector

Digitalisation offers numerous opportunities to increase the efficiency and performance of the hydrogen economy. One key aspect is the integration of data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) into the production process. Companies can use advanced analysis methods to optimise their production, for example by reducing energy consumption or extending the service life of systems. In addition, digital platforms enable better networking of the various players along the entire value chain, from production and transport to the use of hydrogen.

The importance of IT in the energy sector: the potential of digital platforms

Information technology in the energy sector plays a crucial role in unlocking the potential for digitalisation in the hydrogen sector. Digital platforms in particular open up a wide range of opportunities to increase the efficiency and performance of the hydrogen economy. These platforms enable seamless integration of the various systems and processes along the entire value chain - from production and transport to the use of hydrogen.

Digital platforms offer companies the opportunity to collect, analyse and use data in real time in order to make informed decisions and optimise processes. By networking sensors, systems and other components, companies can efficiently control and monitor the operation of their hydrogen infrastructure. This not only enables better plant utilisation, but also the early detection of malfunctions or bottlenecks, resulting in less downtime and operating costs.

In addition, digital platforms promote collaboration and the exchange of data and information between the various players in the hydrogen economy. Companies can thus benefit from improved transparency and communication along the entire value chain, which in turn leads to a more efficient use of resources and a strengthening of competitiveness.

Another advantage of digital platforms is their scalability and flexibility. Companies can continuously develop their platforms and adapt them to new requirements and technologies. This enables rapid implementation of innovations and adaptation to changing market conditions.


Overall, the digital potential in the hydrogen sector offers interesting opportunities for companies to increase their efficiency and strengthen their competitiveness. A particular focus here is on the development and implementation of digital platforms. They offer a holistic solution for integrating, controlling and monitoring the entire value chain, from production and transport through to the use of hydrogen. IT plays a central role as an enabler for the digital transformation and makes a significant contribution to driving forward a sustainable hydrogen economy and supporting Europe on its way to a low-carbon future.

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