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Learning Guide

Our range of Learning and Development Opportunities for adessi


Shape and enjoy YOUR growth @adesso


Your personal development matters to us. Together, we foster a culture where growth is a source of joy. So, drive forward the topics that excite you and relish your growth journey @adesso!


@adesso, you’re in the driver’s seat. You know your strengths and thus shape your growth.


adesso is growing, and so are you. Seize the opportunities that arise from the company’s growth!

>> Our (learning) culture is the heart of our success and is our USP. Crafted by adessi for adessi, it is practical, business-relevant, and value-driven. We don’t just learn from each other, we learn with each other – keeping true to our motto of “growing together!” Our Learning Guide demonstrates that Learning & Development are inseparable components of our corporate culture. By continuously growing and evolving, we collectively propel adesso forward and maintain excellence in our business, both for ourselves and our clients. Let’s explore together how we can shape our personal and collective growth @adesso.

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YOU’RE in control!

Our learning opportunities & your way of learning

Do you prefer learning through interaction with others or flexible self-learning? The focus is on your individual needs and learning preferences. Whether it’s a community of practice, self-learning, or audience-specific learning experience platforms, podcasts, blog posts, or exchanging with peers and networks – the adesso learning landscape is as colourful as it is diverse. And because it’s so diverse, here are a few of our typical adesso learning formats, each with its respective focus.

YOUR Learning Benefits

eCampus: Our central learning management system

More than 350 learning and training courses await you at the eCampus – both specialised and crossfunctional training in various learning formats, allowing you to learn the way that suits you. From registration to evaluation, you can independently manage your training processes here.

Working and learning go hand in hand

Through our user-friendly digital offerings, including self-learning, micro-learning, or learning experience platforms, you can further intertwine your work and learning.

Our learning courses are business-relevant and practical

@adesso, knowledge is imparted in a practical and application-oriented manner. This way, you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Our Trainer Community, comprising subject matter experts and trainers, continues to grow and is a true USP.

Our learning and training offerings in numbers

Staying up-to-date – whether it’s new technologies, methods, consulting approaches, or personal skills, adessi have a great thirst for knowledge. And in 2024, we’ll quench it again with our diverse learning and training oppurtunities.

>> BY adessi FOR adessi

Harnessing expert know-how for optimal real-world relevance

Trainer community and in-house trainer qualification

The majority of our training opportunities at adesso are led by adessi. adesso experts share their professional expertise with all employees, in keeping with the principle ‘by adessi for adessi’. We use project experience reports as well as tips and tricks from the trainers to ensure that what you learn is practical and relevant to your everyday working life.

We use our professional trainer qualification programmes at adesso to ensure a uniform didactic quality standard. These programmes are exclusive and aimed at our in-house trainers.

>> Find out more in the Learning Guide 2024

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>> Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


We acknowledege people as our superpower. Our adessi make the difference. They significantly contribute to adesso’s leading position in the market. With this deep understanding, we are committed as an organisation to create a work environment characterised by conscientiousness, respect, and inclusion. Here, all experiences, identities, and backgrounds are equally valued and represented. This means that we provide a framework for all employees within which each person can contribute individually.

>> Find out more in the Learning Guide 2024



In an industry characterised by rampant change and new challenges, mindfulness constitutes a decisive skill for the future. We at adesso are also convinced of this. Because the only way we can achieve more together is by having an attitude of open-mindedness, confidence and mindfulness – which is why we consider mindfulness to be one of adesso’s core values. We use our mindfulness-oriented opportunities to consciously train to be in the here and now and to discern thoughts and feelings without judging them.

>> Find out more in the Learning Guide 2024

>> Development for Leaders

In your role as a manager, you make a fundamental contribution to adesso’s success and take on challenging tasks that not only demand a lot from you professionally, but also personally. Therefore, we wish to support you in your role as a manager and in developing your potential, right from the start! We offer you an opportunity specially tailored to adesso managers in order to equip you with what you need – for everyday management at adesso and beyond.

>> Find out more in the Learning Guide 2024

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>> Development Opportunities

Your individual path @adesso

We support you in your (further) development and unlocking your potential. Learn more about the various opportunities adesso offers and shape your own path @adesso.

>> Find out more in the Learning Guide 2024


>> adesso qualification programs

The right path for each person. All of our tailor-made adesso qualification programmes, from adesso Master of Software Architecture to adesso Certified Public Developer, to adesso Certified Project Management in the Microsoft Environment, award recognised qualifications and will advance you along your path. These programmes are key success factors for attaining a prestigious qualification and networking with other experts on equal footing.

>> Find out more in the Learning Guide 2024


>> adesso learning journeys

The learning path recommendations we at adesso have formulated help you determine which training opportunities make sense for your primary focus and in which order you should pursue them. The learning journeys can be individualised according to your prior knowledge and specialisation. Whether for newbies, people changing careers or experienced professionals, our comprehensive Learning Guide offers a perfect mix of recognised certifications and professional development by adessi for adessi.

>> Find out more in the Learning Guide 2024

>> Learning platforms

adesso promotes the possibility of learning regardless of when or where – freely following the motto ‘individual learning, anytime and anywhere’. Therefore, we offer you free learning resources and access to selected learning platforms that focus on different topics. Your benefits:

  • Video training courses divided into individual lessons
  • The opportunity to learn – when and where you want
  • Active assistance with your daily challenges
  • The opportunity to learn as much as you want – and at your own pace

>> Find out more in the Learning Guide 2024

>> Certifications@adesso

For various certifications at adesso, you will receive preparatory in-house training. This involves two options for attaining a certification: you can either take a certification exam as part of the training course or you can take it through the manufacturer (available in person and online) after taking the course.

Are you missing a certification? We also offer diverse range of other certifications – SAP, Microsoft and Oracle certifications, to name a few.

>> Find out more in the Learning Guide 2024

Learning Guide 2024

Our complete catalogue of learning and training opportunities

Our learning and training opportunities cover a wide range of topics. They range from basic technological and methodological knowledge for beginners to technical knowledge of our core industries, software solutions and project management. We also actively work on improving your soft skills.

Take a peek at our Learning Guide 2024 and create your ‘Great Place to Learn’ – and hit the ground running as you start your own personal learning journey at adesso.

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We are here for you! Are you interested in our learning and training opportunities, or do you have questions about specific topics? Feel free to get in touch with us!


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