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An overview of the engineering process

From concept to perfection

Our software developers master the holistic engineering process with diversity and precision

It is about more than just programming – software development at adesso is a holistic engineering process. It includes requirements engineering, system design, programming, quality assurance and project management. Our 800 software engineers feel at home in the Java, PHP, Salesforce and Microsoft environments and use a wide range of technologies and methods.

Our software developers are familiar with the entire engineering process. For our client projects, this process covers everything from requirements engineering and expert technical system design through to programming and quality assurance. It also includes project management and commissioning. We also develop impressive custom software solutions.

Matching technologies and flexible methods

adesso generally has a vendor-neutral approach, which means that, depending on the requirements, we use whatever technologies are best suited to the task. These technologies include client-server architectures, microservices, web applications, single page applications and cloud technology. For front-end solutions, for example, we can make use of HTML5, CSS, AngularJS 2 and React. For business logic, we have REST services at our disposal and for data persistence, we can use a range of relational databases.

Our methods are flexible and they are as diverse as our clients. We also work in-house for our clients. For service projects, we use Scrum, Kanban, the V model and the waterfall model. For larger-scale projects, we use PiTPM. Our approach to using agile elements is iterative and incremental and we measure progress by performing an earned value analysis.

Java-based software solutions

We are very familiar with the world of Java. We have more than 850 Java specialists who are grouped into Competence Centers that focus on enterprise, Internet, portal or mobile applications, for example. These specialists work for adesso to develop business-critical applications for companies. These applications are built using a combination of Java (the programming language), the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) component model or the Spring Framework in combination with commercial open source solutions. On the frontend side, Angular, React and JSF, among others, are used. When it comes to persistence, we use relational and NoSQL databases and integrate them via ORM or ODM, such as Hibernate or EclipseLink. The implementation takes place in modern development environments, often with IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse. Technical quality assurance is carried out with JUnit, Selenium, Sonar and JMeter. The software is built using Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery from Jenkins and distributed in repositories (Maven Repository, Docker Registry, etc.).

PHP-based software solutions

Also in the PHP world, we conceive, design and develop complex and long-term large-scale projects such as web portals, websites, apps, APIs and e-commerce platforms for numerous well-known customers in interdisciplinary teams. We deliver high-quality results and rely on the efficient use of PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel or Zend, as well as modern, high-performance content management systems and digital experience platforms (eZPlatform, TYPO3, Drupal, Spryker and Shopware). Backend architectures, database connections, connectors, API's and software architectures are the core of all our developments.

With our proven Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery processes, which have been implemented in multinational and cross-channel environments, and which are mapped using various customer-specific tools such as Jenkins and GitLab, we can deploy, support and integrate complex applications on an ad hoc basis.

Microsoft-based software solutions

We are also extremely well-versed in Microsoft applications. We have over 200 Microsoft experts, who enact digital transformation at our clients’ businesses by using solutions that are based on SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud technologies. These solutions might include, for instance, the use of Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft BI for the comprehensive integration and expansion of hybrid business solutions. We use C#, Cordova and Xamarin to develop apps; we use Azure to expand existing clouds; we design web applications that use C#/ASP.NET and a wide range of JS frameworks; and we offer advanced services in relation to MS SQL servers. We also use Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server to create modern development, testing and deployment environments.

Our software development team offers you the perfect working environment for personal development. It also provides clear opportunities for progression, including specialist roles such as Senior Software Architect and managerial roles such as Project Manager.

Being a software developer at adesso is about mastering every step in the development process!

Calling those who are just starting out in their career as well as graduates, professionals, lateral entrants and lateral thinkers! At adesso, what counts is personality, motivation and ability. We look forward to meeting anyone who will make it their goal to meet our goals!

Customer Experience Solutions with Salesforce

With our fast-growing Salesforce Services division, we move at the interface between specialist departments and IT. We design the customer experience of our customers, which are optimised by our Salesforce based IT solutions. We use almost the complete portfolio of Salesforce (Marketing, Sales, Service and Commerce) in our projects. We accompany our customers from the definition of the strategy over the implementation and testing up to the rollout. Our in-depth technical and technical knowledge in the CRM and Salesforce areas is combined with the industry knowledge of our consultants.

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