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Our intelligent nearshore concept

International German-speaking teams for cost-effective IT projects

International German-speaking teams for cost-efficient nearshore IT projects

As part of our SmartShore approach, we have developed a nearshore model that responds to the typical challenges faced when implementing IT projects – such as cost savings in software development or skills shortages. Mixed teams of German, Turkish, Bulgarian and Spanish employees are deployed and the various projects are conducted exclusively in German. During these nearshore projects, our German-speaking colleagues are sometimes on site at our customer's place of business or in our SmartShore Centres in Turkey, Bulgaria or Spain. This allows our nearshore model to secure cost savings of up to 40 per cent. By using German-speaking teams, we ensure that the cost benefits are not diminished by possible communication expenditures.

Services - Software development and maintenance projects

Our range of services includes software development and maintenance projects. We guarantee significant cost savings thanks to our intelligent team mix and our agile fixed-price projects.

Our range of services includes the implementation and commissioning of software as well as the integration and migration of older pre-existing systems. We also frequently use agile methods in our nearshoring projects: Thanks to our adesso Global Delivery Model (aGDM), it is possible to carry out comprehensive, fixed-price projects in an agile way.

We provide you with 24/7 maintenance teams for second- and third-line support tasks. During core business hours, support is provided by our nearshore locations in Turkey, Bulgaria or Spain. This allows us to guarantee significant cost savings in comparison to domestic German maintenance services. Maintenance projects can be implemented with the following availability time windows: 5 x 8, 5 x 10, 5 x 24 and 7 x 24.

Up to 40 % cost saving

Over 600 nearshore employees

Knowledge transfer process - The transfer phase ensures a successful start to the project

The knowledge transfer process is a crucial part of our adesso SmartShore approach. At the same time, this process also marks the beginning of our nearshore projects.

This transfer phase provides our customers with the opportunity to see for themselves how skilled all of the employees are. It also helps to form strong bonds between the German and international team members, enabling them to work together as an effective team unit.

The ideal location for the project kick-off meeting is at the customer’s own site. This makes it possible for everyone involved in the project to get to know one another, get to grips with the initial requirements and have face-to-face conversations about the first steps that have been planned. The project team is then divided up after approximately one to two weeks. This means that our nearshore specialists start their work from their respective offices in Turkey, Spain or Bulgaria. After another four to five weeks, everyone involved in the project will come together again at the customer’s site. The initial project results are then discussed here and appropriate adjustments are made, if necessary. This optimises the setup of our nearshoring approach while strengthening the bonds within the team.

adesso Global Delivery Model

Large customer projects are complex, meaning they require careful analysis and structured approach. We have launched the adesso Global Delivery Model (aGDM) to implement these effectively and to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nearshore Team - Our experts make the difference

The success of IT projects depends on involving the right employees – precisely the employees that can be found in our nearshore teams.

Our nearshore experts have lived in Germany for a long time, have excellent German language skills and many years of experience within the German IT industry. As a result, our Turkish, Bulgarian and Spanish experts are familiar with German corporate culture. This setting enables fast and effective deployment and induction of highly-trained IT professionals who can meet the high customer demands of our nearshore projects.

The low rate of internal staff turnover means that our nearshore employees have known one another for a long time. It also means that they are very familiar with nearshoring processes, international partnership and the successful implementation of international, German-language projects.

Our smart way for IT nearshoring

We put together the right team for you and implement IT projects perfectly tailored to your company.

We will inform you about our best talent concept, our delivery model and all the advantages offered by our SmartShore approach on our external website adesso-smartshore.com.

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