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adesso global delivery model

Careful analysis and a structured approach

A solid model for distributed project teams

Large customer projects are complex, meaning they require careful analysis and structured approach. We have launched the adesso Global Delivery Model (aGDM) to implement these effectively and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our adesso Global Delivery Model (aGDM) is not a collection of best practices; it has already been used successfully in a variety of major adesso projects.

The model is a standardised method of executing IT projects that aims to provide regularly optimised and high-quality software increments that have business value for our customers. The adesso Global Delivery Model combines a variety of agile methods adapted to our project work – including Scrum, XP agile software development practices, detailed testing and DevOps processes. This enables us to achieve a continuous supply of high software quality.

The advantages of our adesso Global Delivery Model are obvious:

  • A constant focus on customer needs through software development that is tailored to each company's needs.
  • The regular delivery of functional software increments in a three-week interval.
  • Effective quality management using Agile Quality Gates in which all project roles control and optimise compliance with quality rules across different delivery phases.
  • Faster response times to changes and shorter time-to-market thanks to an agile deployment approach.
  • Project transparency through clearly defined roles, project metrics, regular reporting and continuous feedback.
  • A structured and informative start to the project thanks to the Smart Start approach, which ensures high synergies, team spirit, mutual understanding and alignment of project goals.

Our adesso Global Delivery Model includes predefined processes and meetings, detailed reporting with agile metrics/KPIs and processes that also enter in-depth into the development processes and provide a common understanding in the project team.

Depending on the type, size and requirement of the project, our experts used the required building blocks individually.

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