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Digitalise your customer relationships

Understand the wishes of your customers and recognise trends early on

Buying behaviour is constantly changing as a result of the expansion of digital channels and data-driven sales strategies and processes are increasingly taking centre stage. Digital and virtual buying experience has also reached B2B business and is becoming increasingly important. This means that the initial personal sales contacts used in B2B sales have started to take a back seat within the overall process. This situation poses enormous challenges for sales units. Sales processes and strategies as well as in-house technologies – such as the CRM system – need to be adapted to the behaviour of customers.

Data-driven sales approaches as well as pricing strategies, next best actions (NBA) and individual consulting approaches, supported by artificial intelligence (AI), are the focus of the revolution of sales. Thanks to the latest developments in the areas of data analytics and business intelligence as well as sales and pricing prediction, CRM systems offer the optimal platform for this.

>> Figures, data, facts – insights into buying and selling activities

  • 44 per cent of millennial buyers and, on average, 33 per cent of buyers in general would like to be able to complete their entire buying journey without coming into personal contact with a sales representative.

  • In a study carried out by the market research company Gartner, 57 per cent of sales leaders stated that they were not able to offer the same sales capabilities virtually as they do in the analogue world.

  • Buyers also admit to spending only 17 per cent of the time they spend on key activities in the purchasing process engaging with sales representatives. In contrast, 27 per cent of the time is spent researching online.

49 per cent of sales leaders believe that lead management and generation, as well as improvements in very early sales phases, were particularly critical to success in 2021.

Our value proposition for you

  • Sales processes that are measurable and adapted to the behaviour of your customers allow you to increase your closing rate in sales.
  • By using modern technologies and artificial intelligence sensibly, you increase the efficiency of your sales activities in a progressive and pragmatic way.
  • You fully exploit the potential of the data and systems already available to you and thus increase your ROI and turnover.
  • You achieve personalised and automated cross- and upselling potential.

An overview of our services

Our Digital Maturity Check includes a digital maturity analysis that takes a closer look at your current situation with regard to the acquisition, development and retention of customers in your company. All functions are geared to a commerce team that focuses on marketing, sales and service activities along the buying journey.

Our experts support you in consulting, introducing and/or adapting KPIs, dashboards and reports for sales funnel tracking.

We provide you with expert advice on digitalisation projects and change management projects and so help your company develop into a customer-centred organisation.

Our experts develop suitable concepts for using business intelligence solutions for you. This allows you to increase your sales funnel output and fully exploit the potential of your existing customers.

Our experts will put together a selection of CRM systems, predictive sales and other sales technologies for you that is tailored to your situation. We also provide comprehensive advice on the architecture.

We take care of the conceptual design and optimisation of your application-oriented sales processes for close-to-standard software implementation.

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Our Quick Start consulting services

You already have an existing CRM system, but somehow your company is not able to exploit its full potential? Is your CRM system outdated or not sufficiently accepted by your employees? We can help you. Learn more about our Quick Start consulting services.

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