Sound preparation is essential for success – and now it only takes one third of the time

An AI system that has a chat with you about your customers before each customer meeting

How things used to be

In the insurance sector, the success of customer visits strongly relies on good preparation. Agencies and intermediaries spend a great deal of time and effort in order to have the entire information ready at the right moment. They gather information from different sources and systems to gain a complete overview of the customer and their needs. In the next step, they determine which products may be of interest to the insured and which tariff changes are involved. This potential analysis and research can take up to three hours each day.

Then AI came along

AI solutions support the agencies and intermediaries throughout the entire information research and preparation process. The application searches the existing systems for existing contracts based on customer data. It also collects data on all ongoing transactions such as debt collection, claims reporting or benefit payments.

The system even performs automated potential analysis: Based on the collected data, it plays through scenarios and suggests attractive products for the customer, recommends tariff changes or points out gaps in the insurance coverage. All of these provide entry points for the personal conversation.

The situation today

Once implemented and configured, the AI-based application reduces the time spent preparing visits by over 60 percent. Information about new products and rate changes is automatically included in the visit preparation, while the agent can focus on the best discussion strategy with the customer.

AI applications come into their own in the area of meeting preparation. They handle extensive research, prepare all information and ensure that all data is up to date. Thanks to this assistance, the agent can advise insurance customers better and in a more targeted manner.
Jan Jungnitsch, Manager Competence Center, adesso SE

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Backgrounds for the technically interested

Robotic process automation, rule engine + machine learning (hybrid concept)

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Artificial intelligence is not a replacement for human discussion

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