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An AI that gives you health tips

How things used to be

Customer proximity is one of the keys to success for insurers. Companies invest large portions of their communication budget into creating a stable relationship with the customer. Insurers use various different strategies to achieve this. That’s why private health insurance companies have increased their focus on mobile solutions in recent years. These solutions use bonus programmes to encourage customers to become more active or to live a healthy lifestyle in general. These programmes are often standard offerings or recommendations for all policy holders.

Then AI came along

AI-based applications customise and optimise this type of incentive for the customers. The policy holder’s behaviour is documented and evaluated in the applications within the legal framework conditions. The AI solution then makes recommendation for the individual policy holder based on this behaviour.

AI solutions also offer another approach in terms of providing health tips in that extreme weather and fluctuations in temperature visibly affect people’s health. Plus, there is a growing number of regional risks such as local weather phenomena, pollen count or tropical insects. For insurers, these situations are events in which they can help their customers by providing new services. AI solutions allow them to offer noncommittal action recommendations to individual or all customers based on existing, newly acquired and future data.

The situation today

The insurer offers its customers a higher quality service as it expands its offering with health tips for its policy holders. Companies give customers general advice, such as warning them about the presence of ticks in certain regions, as well as specific advice tailored to them. This means they can prevent dizzy spells, water shortages or other behaviour-specific emergencies.

For which companies is the approach suitable?


For which decision makers is the approach interesting?

All Managers at health insurance companies

Backgrounds for the technically interested

Robotic process automation, rule engine, machine learning (hybrid concept)

Do you have any questions?

Artificial intelligence is not a replacement for human discussion

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