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Trustworthy AI - your key to successful AI projects

The beginning of it all

It's never too early to start thinking about trust

Trust is the beginning of any collaboration. A deeply human statement - which plays an increasingly important role in the AI context. Because when AI solutions prepare or make decisions that affect people, this touches on deeply personal aspects. This is where the idea of Trusworthy AI comes in. The concept addresses the trustworthy properties of AI applications. The importance of the topic is growing: on the one hand, it plays an increasingly important role for customers. On the other hand, the EU is currently working on the Artificial Intelligence Acts (AIA), which regulates the development and use of AI systems. This will have a direct impact on your IT projects.

Trustworthy AI is not just a regulatory issue to be met. The topic is an opportunity to ensure the sustainable success of your business.

From legal requirements to ethical issues, from corporate strategy to data provenance documentation: Trustworthy AI spans a wide field. Our dossier gives you an insight - from the definitional basics to setting up suitable projects.

The study

We spoke with decision-makers who work with AI applications in companies. In general, about their attitudes, expectations and plans. But also specifically about Trustworthy AI: How do they see the need for regulation? How far along is their organisation? In the dossier, we present key findings from our survey of 500 managers. You can find excerpts here:

Ethics 70 Establishing an internal AI ethics committee makes sense

Sustainability 74 We take sustainability aspects into account when developing AI applications

Collaboration 70 Preparing employees for collaboration with AI applications is a major challenge

The dossier

Your compact introduction to the topic

If Trustworthy AI also touches your areas of responsibility, our dossier "Trust can be digitised" is the right source of information for you. Learn more:

  • What impact Trustworthy AI has on profitability and quality.
  • What a framework looks like that takes all aspects into account
  • How we work with you to set up and implement Trustworthy AI projects.
  • What's behind the EU Artifical Intelligence Act
  • How far other companies are in their planning

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