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Churn prediction with artificial intelligence

Using the adesso Data Navigator to handle existing data effectively

Recognising migration tendencies early on

Customer awareness is changing significantly in the insurance industry. Investments in IT solutions that support personalised, customer-oriented communication are increasing. Digital pressure in the insurance market is also increasing the range of products available to customers. Products are becoming flexible and modular or stand out, for example, through short notice periods. In this situation, insurance companies find themselves both investing large sums of money in an attractive customer approach and offering customers a range of increasingly personalised products and services, which means that effective churn management is also crucial. This makes it possible to respond quickly when a customer thinks about migrating to another service provider. The goal must be to retain and continue to develop the customer through suitable offers.

Is your company’s data management ready for a targeted churn analysis?

The adesso Data Navigator helps companies navigate the large ‘data ocean’. Specifically, it is a process model for the introduction and implementation of data and analytics strategies in three steps.

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First, the scope for the trip is defined: Which area and which processes of the company should be considered? The second step is an analysis in the categories of strategy, organisation and technology, as a result of which you will receive a maturity assessment and an itinerary for implementation. Finally, in the third step, an agile approach ensures that the strategies are implemented so that you can arrive safely at your desired destination!

There is a broad spectrum of possibilities for data monetisation in business. Let your company discover which use cases are useful and promising for such purposes.

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Set sail with us! We work with you to develop recommendations in relation to architecture and technology and show you which courses of action companies should take on the way to becoming an established data monetiser.

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