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Process Mining with Celonis

Make processes visible, optimize and automate them

Measuring performance, uncovering and addressing inefficiencies

Optimization is nothing new for companies. But with increasing digitization, the search for improvement potential using classic methods is becoming more and more difficult. Individual processes span numerous IT systems and require the cooperation of a large number of experts. To reduce this complexity and get an overview of your existing processes, Process Mining is an exciting solution that you should definitely be aware of and consider.

How it works: Every employee leaves digital footprints and data during their daily work. Process Mining can use this digital information to visualize, analyze, optimize and automate processes.

In practice, process mining is most successful when competencies for Process Mining and the specialist process to be optimized are bundled. And this is where we come in!

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Challenges that we solve

Process mining can be used along the entire value chain of a company, as long as the processes under consideration are sufficiently digitized. In the following situations we are addressed:

  • Company processes need to be optimized and the potential for using process mining should be evaluated.
  • A specialist department wants to use Process Mining to optimize its processes. A partner is needed for the implementation and the training of the employees.
  • The degree of automation of a company is to be increased in order to reduce costs and optimize processes.
  • Process Mining is already used in individual processes, e.g. Order-to-Cash or Procure-to-Pay. Now the processes in supply chain, production and inventory management will be optimized as well.
  • Process Mining has become an integral part of the company. In order to further scale the added value, a Center of Excellence has to be established.

Our Success Stories

  • Exploration

    Schott - Value Assessment

    With the aim of evaluating the potential of Celonis for Schott, adesso conducted a value assessment. In joint workshops with five business units of Schott, 21 relevant use cases were identified, evaluated according to added value, effort, risk, data availability and prioritized. The result is a roadmap including concrete recommendations for the use of Celonis. Contact us

  • Initialization & Expansion

    Medical Device Manufacturer - Optimizing the Supply Chain

    Dissolve data silos, achieve transparency, deploy employees in a value-adding manner: These goals led to the decision to introduce Process Mining. adesso supported the implementation of Celonis in the processes Order-to-Cash, Purchase-to-Pay/Material Requirements Planning and Production. The result is a transparent supply chain which is optimized and automated in a targeted manner. Contact us

  • Expansion, Scaling & Adoption

    Sartorius - Establishment of a Center of Excellence

    Sartorius already used Celonis in several departments. adesso accompanied the establishment of a Center of Excellence (CoE) in order to successfully implement Celonis company-wide. Furthermore, the experts of adesso ensured the global transparency of material availabilities of finished, semi-finished and raw materials. Contact us

From value assessment to implementation to the establishment of a Center of Excellence

We offer the 360 ° approach

Process Mining is a tool that only unfolds its full added value in the hands of experts. To ensure that your department and your company benefit to the maximum from process mining, our teams bring together process mining and specialist expertise for the process to be optimized. These are our services for you:

In the exploration phase we collect ideas for the fields of application of Process Mining, clarify the context, classify the potential of process mining for your organization and identify first possible use cases.

  • Value Assessment
  • Tool Selection
  • Expert Review

In the initialization phase, we sharpen the understanding of the goal and create a target image by concretizing ideas for use cases, transferring them to implementation readiness and piloting them.

  • Solution Design
  • Piloting

In the expansion phase, we map your entire process, analyze it in detail, and implement improvements that are reflected in Day-to-Day operations and deliver measurable added value.

  • Full Process
  • Action Flows
  • Conformance Check

In this phase, we support you in establishing suitable structures to implement Process Mining throughout your organization, to learn as an organization and to monitor the added value generated.

  • Establishment of Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Value Monitoring

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