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Iidentifying new trends ans successfully implementing then

Strong competitive pressure, highly competitive markets, new technologies, ever-shorter innovation cycles and high customer demands form many of the challenges facing companies. But you can also see these challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles. We use corporate performance management to help you identify and implement new trends.

Corporate performance management ensures that your management receives the information it needs to make important and targeted decisions. This allows you to develop your company’s competitive edge and ensure the success of your business. Corporate performance management helps you map your financial planning and consolidation faster and with greater precision.

Corporate performance management involves the monitoring and controlling of a company’s performance. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, return on investment, overheads and operating costs can help to measure and control a company’s success.

To achieve success in corporate performance management, companies need to implement a framework that ensures the effective management of its performance. This is exactly where adesso comes in, bringing many years of experience and industry knowledge in financial planning and consolidation to the table. Our services help you accelerate lengthy planning processes, quickly close your books, integrate your financial planning and establish uniform financial reporting.


We define planning as system-supported and integrated planning and the implementation of corresponding planned and actual comparisons. We specialise in the fields of financial, balance sheet and supply chain planning.


Every plan needs simulations. Simulations support decision making. From simple what-if scenarios to complex AI-based risk simulations, they are a key part of comprehensive corporate performance management.


Visualisations help to better understand data and create transparency. Support the decision-making through user-friendly reporting - across all areas of the company.

Self-Service Analytics

With Self-Service Analytics, we boost your business with analytical competencies that were previously reserved for IT or data science experts. Supported by modern tools and methods, we invite you into the world of data-driven decisions, efficient processes and an agile corporate culture.

Self-Service Analytics

Get ready today

adesso believes that planning should be simple and intuitive. That’s why we use a process model and a corresponding methodology for planning projects that has been continuously developed over the past years. Our experts conduct a maturity check to determine whether your planning processes are well established and reveal areas that can be further optimised.

adesso has many years of industry and technology expertise to draw on when implementing planning projects. Our technological focus lies in SAP. We advise you from the process analysis and the functional and technical concept through to the development of customer-specific add-ons in areas including integrated Business Planning (iBP), Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) and traditional BPS/BW-IP.

Achieve success in your planning projects with our starter kit. This includes:

  • a standardised process model specifically designed for planning projects
  • a project structure plan – including all work packages to be processed to ensure coverage of all the relevant topics
  • adesso Consulting Solutions, which brings your project up to the right speed from the very start

adesso Simple Translation Tool

With the adesso Simple Translation Tool all relevant object descriptions of the planning application can be translated. Thus the application can be rolled out into different languages almost without any technical effort.

adesso Simple Upload Tool

The adesso Simple Upload Tool serves the self-service integration of data by the business department. Admin users can store validation rules which check the uploaded files for consistency before the data is processed further.

adesso Simple Planning Cockpit

The adesso Simple Planning Cockpit enables admin users to monitor and control the planning application. Thus technical processes of planning can be triggered and observed by the departments. Thus, IT operational support is only required in exceptional cases.

Furthermore, you benefit from industry-specific data models and planning scenarios which have emerged from our many years of project experience.

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