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stadtenergie and adesso enhance customer loyalty in the energy market

The Dortmund-based energy supplier stadtenergie GmbH plans to improve its competitiveness through process optimisation, transparency and innovative services using the Salesforce platform. The IT service provider adesso will deliver the necessary adjustments and integrations to the Salesforce platform within a few months. Consistent digitalisation and efficient system integration make stadtenergie and its fully renewable portfolio a digital pioneer for the energy sector in Germany.

The energy supplier market is complex, volatile and highly regulated. Online portals simplify the process of switching providers and make it more difficult to retain customers. As a result, attractive offerings and a personalised customer experience are all the more important. This requires an IT infrastructure that makes it possible to quickly impress customers with a proactive and targeted approach featuring personalised services and offerings.

The energy supplier stadtenergie has decided to use the Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. These solutions enable the efficient handling of customer service, energy management and supply processes, including the necessary customer communication. Innovative business processes in customer service were implemented in close cooperation with the IT service provider adesso.

The core of the joint solution is the digital platform of stadtenergie GmbH. On the one hand, it offers the provision of customer data in real time. This enables a 360-degree view of the entire customer history, which forms the basis for individual communication and personalised offers. On the other hand, it allows both data provision and simplified process management with the Powercloud billing service. At the same time, adesso set up the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which means that the marketing team can create and execute customised, highly personalised and automated marketing campaigns. The new, coordinated cloud services also enable an increase in upselling and cross-selling potential and the targeted management of external service providers through seamless interaction that serves the customer’s needs.

“stadtenergie’s business model focuses on a forward-looking combination of 100 % green electricity and the targeted digitalisation of business processes, especially at the customer interface,” says Markus Spillner, Head of the Salesforce Line of Business at adesso. “This puts the company in an excellent position to be a long-term partner to its customers in the complex and volatile energy supplier market. We are delighted to have the opportunity to be part of stadtenergie’s success story.”

Muhdi Moussa, Chief Digital Officer at stadtenergie, says: "Especially in the current energy price crisis, we want to get even closer to our customers to build trust. Salesforce enables us to respond individually to customer needs and make our digital business model fit for the future. With Salesforce and strong partners like adesso, we are doing pioneering work together and offering our customers a unique selling point."

Daniel Keil, head of the project at adesso, adds: "We at adesso are proud to support our partner stadtenergie in optimising their customer service despite the major challenges due to the energy crisis. I am pleased to be able to accompany stadtenergie in the further expansion of the digital Salesforce platform.”

“Our thanks go to adesso for working so well with us and being such an agile partner,” says Lisa Schauenburg, IT Architect Digital Transformation at stadtenergie. “The team supported us with their expertise and dedication, and made a significant contribution to the success of the project. We look forward to making more projects happen with adesso going forward.”

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