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Bergfürst platform leads the way: adesso offers white label financing solution

adesso is offering a new marketplace solution for the financial sector in its banking portfolio. The software platform is based on the crowd investing platform from Bergfürst, and was developed in collaboration with the Berlin-based company.

The platform, which has existed since 2012, facilitates real estate financing, offers a marketplace and has an investor management function. adesso will market the tried-and-tested platform as a white label solution, thereby offering companies in the financial sector a mature and economical IT solution that can be rapidly implemented for a range of applications and projects with minimal personnel expenses.

The white label solution from adesso is specifically suited to three application scenarios: It allows issuers to conduct issues and fully manage the associated commercial transactions.

In investor management, it offers investor portfolio management and can be used to organise communication between the issuer and investor – before, during and after the issue. It also facilitates the allocation of payments received, and the execution of interest payments and loan repayments. All those functions take withholding tax, including exemption orders and non-assessment certificates, into account.

The third area of application, the marketplace, allows investor portfolios to be traded with automatic calculation of the interest payable at the time of the transaction.

Bergfürst uses the platform to place secured bank loans with private investors, along with management and trading. Areas of application include syndication, and the management and trading of sureties and loans within a banking network.

Mark Lohweber (right), Head of the Banking Division at adesso, and Dr. Guido Sandler, CEO of Bergfürst AG, have agreed on a cooperation regarding the crowd investing platform.

Dr Guido Sandler, CEO and founder of Bergfürst comments: “Our digital platform has proved its worth, and is setting standards for the industry in numerous areas – including taxation and our marketplace.”

Bergfürst recently made waves when the Commerzbank subsidiary Commerz Real invested in the company. The Commerzbank Group’s asset and investment management company has a 24.9 percent stake in Bergfürst AG. For Sandler that is “a clear sign that the market recognises the platform’s technological excellence and leadership.”

In recent years, crowd investing has become increasingly established as a form of financing and investment. There has been particularly significant growth in swarm financing in the real estate sector, the start-up’s field of specialisation. Since 2014, it has brought together 58 real estate projects with more than 38,000 private and institutional investors, and raised more than EUR 61 million.

Mark Lohweber is head of Banking at adesso. He is familiar with the concerns of banks and financial service providers when it comes to fintech and the digital transformation. “Banks want to avoid the huge initial investment and project risks associated with the development of platforms like this, even though they are aware of the opportunities and potential this innovation offers.” Now adesso can support them with a mature, tailored solution. “That significantly reduces the risks of introduction and implementation, and makes it easy to calculate costs,” says financial expert Lohweber.

The new white label platform from adesso can be used for all types of financing involving numerous stakeholders. The technology is universal. Core customers will include the banking and insurance sectors. However, the platform can also be used for the financing of major investments, such as infrastructure projects.

When the customer purchases the platform license from adesso, the system will be adapted to their individual needs and wishes.

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