AI-based predictions

Reliable forecasts in uncertain times - react quickly to new data


For companies there is a time before and a time after the crisis. Until the massive impact of the pandemic, decision-makers could count more or less on reliable forecasts. Of course, there were unforeseen events and deviations, but the long-term trends were stable. From the sale of a product to the number of calls to the service center, decision-makers were able to rely on past experience in their planning.

The corona pandemic is radically changing the data situation: forecasts are difficult and developed forecast models are currently failing. When adapting existing forecast models and/or creating new models, applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) methods are very useful.

From a data scientist's perspective, the current crisis is an anomaly. AI and ML applications recognise new patterns in these new data collections. These new patterns in turn are the basis for improved forecasting. As meaningful and necessary as this approach is, companies often lack the prerequisites to implement AI initiatives quickly. In particular, there is a lack of know-how about what information can be found in the data.

With "Result as a Service", we bring AI procedures to you out-of-the-box: You have the idea, we implement it. Our experts take over the complete process of data preparation, analysis and interpretation. You don't need any internal AI know-how or your own infrastructure to benefit from the advantages. We have no requirements regarding infrastructure, data format or data volume. Experienced data science experts realise your specified use cases. We deliver first results within one to two weeks.

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Speed is essential. And accuracy. Together with you, we implement measures that help acutely and are sustainable in the long term. Our experts will contact you immediately.

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