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In this globalised and digitalised world, companies must increasingly reckon with attacks from hackers and other cybercrime. adesso has developed the ideal service package to tackle this issue with its Cyber Risk Analysis. For a fixed price, it identifies and analyses any risks to cyber security.


Where does your company stand on cyber security? Are computer forensics and eliminating weak points on your agenda? Our specialists have just the expertise you need for addressing these matters. Your IT systems must be regularly checked and secured to keep threats to your company at bay. With our flexible solution approaches and many years of expertise in this sector, we can support and guide you in guaranteeing cyber security.

The adesso Security Service offers you a comprehensive cyber security package. A fundamental goal of cyber security is to protect against potential risks. This presupposes that the organisation is conscious and aware of these risks. It is only when you are aware of the weak points which exist within your organisation’s cyber security that you can react appropriately and initiate suitable measures to protect against potential risks.


#1Basic Package

In the first workshop, we will define your current situation with you, agree upon targets and determine a framework for how to proceed. Here, we will also coordinate which IT system will be analysed for weak points.

At first we will guide you through the stages of the adesso Security Service. Then, the technical risk analysis will be carried out — every IT system is vulnerable to cyber attacks. A system failure resulting from successful cyber attacks or data theft can have dire consequences for your company. With the adesso Security Service, we offer a security component you can use to continuously, reliably and comprehensively monitor your IT systems. It fully automatically detects technical weak points and uncovers risks. Regular, automated system checks are carried out with the aid of ready-made audit templates. Our consultants support you in evaluating the results and develop efficient solutions to close gaps in security and protect your IT systems.

#2Advanced Package

Alongside the initial workshop and technical risk analysis, the Advanced Package features a Cyber Risk Analysis which reviews procedural and organisational issues.

Our information security management offers you a stable and secure information processing system. An appropriate security level is achieved by consistently coordinating security issues, business needs and IT requirements. In order to guarantee this security level, it is necessary to also factor in procedural and organisational issues in terms of cyber security alongside technical issues. We analyse these risks within this context. For example, we can show you how to deal with the technical risks identified in your company.

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Cyber Risk Manager

Let’s brainstorm together on how we can identify and analyse existing threats to your company using our Cyber Risk Analysis.


As well as analysing cyber risks, as a competent partner in IT security & information security, adesso also offers support in many other areas. This means that our analysis not only uncovers existing risks, but we can also minimise risks to your company with our service packages by eliminating weak points and offering computer forensics, for example.

With the aid of a monthly persistence check, we facilitate a detailed security audit and continuous security monitoring. The persistence check serves to preserve your IT security, as well as identify deviations from compliance and suspicious system behaviour.

Continually changing cyber risks necessitate the consistent adjustment of security measures. Our penetration tests identify weak points and uncover potential errors which result from (faulty) operation.

Computer forensics concerns the investigation of suspicious incidents relating to IT systems. The offence and offender are detected by logging, analysing and evaluating digital traces. Even ‘conventional’ crimes and tax fraud can now be uncovered by investigating and evaluating computer systems. A significant element of computer forensics is ensuring that digital evidence is legally watertight, meaning that it must comply with legal requirements. We guarantee this by seamlessly and comprehensively documenting the evidence and all other analysis steps, right up to the result of the forensic data analysis.

adesso is on call with 24-hour crisis management in the event of an attack. This involves:

  • Identifying and analysing crisis situations
  • Developing strategies
  • Dealing with the crisis
  • Initiating and tracking countermeasures

Establishing a business continuation management plan means that emergency situations can be better handled. Before this type of situation has even arisen, we will have identified the necessary measures and prepared accordingly. This includes emergency planning, tests, operation and restoration, as well as a return to normal operation after an emergency.

adesso and its consultants are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001. We will support you comprehensively in eliminating any weak points and risks we have identified — in procedural and organisational matters, as well as technical issues. This involves:

  • Maintaining your IT policy
  • Organising information security
  • Staff security (authorisation management)
  • Managing information risks (managing in-house values/assets)
  • Managing access and admission control
  • Cryptography
  • Physical and environment-related security (access control, protection against threats, device security, secure disposal)
  • Managing information security in ongoing IT operations (such as data backups)
  • Managing communication security
  • Managing security within the context of procuring, developing and maintaining information systems
  • Managing security within the context of collaboration with suppliers
  • Handling information security incidents (measures for reporting and processing information security incidents)
  • Security protocols and information system monitoring

ISO certification

Proof of functioning information security is demonstrated by certification in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001. This verifies the commissioning of an effective information security management system (ISMS).

adesso consults and supports you in developing an ISMS and guides you to the point of being successfully certified.

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