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How agile is your IT provider management system?

We’re there to support you throughout all phases of the development process


When outsourcing IT services to external providers, many companies’ IT departments face the challenge of how to manage these providers efficiently. This applies increasingly to cloud service providers (CSPs) as well. In order to generate the maximum added value from the relationship with the provider, minimise risks and prevent frictional losses, it is recommended that you set up a professional IT provider management system and continuously upgrade it.

We gear our in-house seminars and personalised consulting services to your company’s position and role within the provider management process. Our individual two-day seminars can be combined and aim to prepare you well in advance for the future challenges that await you.

Our modular seminar programme covers the following main topics:

  • Basics of IT provider management
  • Advanced provider management
  • Agile provider management
  • Cloud provider management
  • Switching providers
  • Multi-provider management
  • SIAM (service integration and management)

We combine extensive experience in the systematic organisation and upgrading of IT operations and provider management units with industry expertise.

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IT service delivery and operation’ development path

#1Professional solutions

Our team of experienced experts are there to support you in the process of developing and implementing your IT provider management system. To this end, we make use of our in-house process model and proven methods.


In our seminars, we teach you a variety of best practices as well as the latest methods in a condensed and interactive format.

#3Added value

Our seminars provide sufficient time for discussion and workshop sequences. You receive new ideas to expand and build upon, suggestions on how to achieve quick wins and an initial roadmap for the subsequent steps to follow.

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