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IT services provider expands further adesso opens office in Walldorf

The adesso Group is growing: Walldorf is set to host the new office from September. This takes adesso’s total number of offices in Germany to 25. By opening the new branch here, adesso is primarily investing in the collaboration with the SAP software group, which has its global headquarters in Walldorf.

The latest adesso branch office is a clear statement about its collaboration with technology partner SAP. The new office in the Partner Port, an office complex for SAP collaboration partners in the immediate vicinity of the SAP headquarters, underlines this intention. In this location, adesso is near global players such as HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu and of course Microsoft, with whom adesso maintains a successful partnership, which, as with its partnership with SAP, has already achieved Gold Partner status. Microsoft and SAP in turn work closely together in their cloud partnership on Project Embrace on Microsoft Azure.

adesso is located in Walldorf in Partner Port, a modern commercial complex with cooperation partners from SAP. It is located in the heart of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and very close to the university city of Heidelberg. (Copyright: Christoph Kremtz Fotografie)

SAP expert Hinrich Mielke, who will set up and manage the adesso office in Walldorf, says, “An important argument in favour of this location is the proximity to our two closest technology partners, which will help the branch to flourish. adesso recognises a growing need for consulting services in the market regarding innovations by SAP and Microsoft. This currently involves more than one paradigm shift. Using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to accelerate the transition to S/4HANA in conjunction with SAP and Microsoft’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings opens up unprecedented opportunities for companies to take the digitalisation of their organisation to a whole new level.”

adesso supports SAP in the further development of its core product S/4HANA, SAP’s latest AI-based ERP system that uses the HANA database. SAP users worldwide will soon deploy this streamlined system in their companies to improve business processes through intelligent, AI and robot-based process automation.

In general, adesso supports companies of all sizes and industries with its specialized knowledge and long-standing expertise in the organisation and operation of SAP ERP solutions. In addition to the focus on SAP technology, the new branch office in Walldorf will cover all business areas and core industries of adesso.

Location manager Hinrich Mielke, a manager with extensive experience in SAP consulting, brings his well-maintained network to the table. His most recent management positions were with Devoteam Alegri and Realtech. As a spokesman for the SAP on Microsoft Azure working group set up by DSAG (an SAP user group with more than 3,700 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland), he is committed to the optimisation of SAP applications on the Microsoft platform for the benefit of the companies using them. With immediate effect he will make his technical and industry expertise about SAP products available to adesso customers – as team leader in the SAP competence centre of adesso, in the Walldorf office and further afield.

SAP expert Hinrich Mielke will manage the new adesso office in Walldorf. (Copyright: private)

Contact details of the new adesso office in Walldorf:

adesso SE
Branch office Walldorf
Location manager
Hinrich Mielke
Altrottstr. 31
69190 Walldorf, Germany

Mobile phone: +49 152 3885 7345

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