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From AG to SE: adesso is now a European limited company, or societas Europaea

Yesterday’s entry in the commercial register formally completed adesso’s conversion into a European limited company (societas Europaea SE). Effective immediately, adesso will operate under the name adesso SE. The new legal form underlines the IT service provider’s international focus and is a consistent continuation of its growth strategy.

A European employee forum has been established as part of the conversion. It will discuss employees’ concerns with the Executive Board and Supervisory Board, and help launch new initiatives.

The forum will take the form of a digital platform that allows employee representatives to regularly discuss the development of the adesso Group and changes to sales and employment markets along with internal topics relating to cooperation at a fast growing and increasingly international company, with the Executive Board and Supervisory Board. The European employee forum consists of 15 elected members and will initially represent employee’s interests for a period of four years.

adesso SE will retain its tried-and-tested dual management structure, with a separate Executive Board and Supervisory Board. The company’s Supervisory Board will continue to consist of six members elected from among its shareholders at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. The existing Supervisory Board, led by Prof. Dr Volker Gruhn, who co-founded adesso in 1997, will remain in place until the next election. The company will continue to be headquartered in Dortmund.

The IT service provider currently has 22 offices in Germany, along with a 13 further locations in Europe. The company, which has approximately 4,000 employees, plans to leverage that international presence to become one of the leading players in the European IT industry.

Michael Kenfenheuer, CEO of adesso, comments on the registration of the new European legal form: “Constructive dialogue with our German and international employees has allowed us to implement the conversion of the company into a European limited company in the shortest possible time. That offers an outstanding foundation for further growth and the Group’s expansion in Europe.”

Michael Kenfenheuer is CEO of the former adesso AG, now adesso SE. (Copyright: adesso)

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