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10.08.2021 By Nicole Prohaska

Microsoft cloud: an image update

Picture Nicole Prohaska

Lots of people still have reservations when it comes to transitioning to the cloud, especially when the conversation turns to the issue of data security. Complete transparency is an important promise that Microsoft makes to its customers, which is a crucial milestone in the right direction towards building a meaningful position of trust. In my blog post, I would like to give you an overview of the current efforts that Microsoft is making with regard to its cloud.


Software Development

Data is the new gold of the digital age. So why not own as much as possible? The answer to this question is presented in the third part of my ‘privacy in software development’ blog series. I’ll also introduce you to the principle of data minimisation in more detail.


Software Development

How nice would it be to live in a world in which you as a software user wouldn’t have to care about 99 per cent of what went on and your data would still be protected. That can be more than just a dream. In the second part of my ‘Data protection in software development’ blog series, I explain what you should keep in mind when it comes to software development and introduce the principle of privacy by default.


Software Development

19.01.2021 By Tobias Deininger

Data protection in software development

Picture Tobias   Deininger

Does the issue of data protection always give you a headache? Us developers are confronted with huge challenges time and again, especially when we’re only made aware of the requirements for the software we have to develop late on in the development phase. In the first part of my ‘Data protection in software development’ series, I would like to introduce you to the principle of privacy by design.


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