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Inside adesso

In public tenders, proposal management encounters what are called ‘thresholds’. In public procurement law, the threshold values define the boundary between EU-wide tenders and national tenders. In 2019 in Germany, for example, the federal ministries opened over 1,200 EU-wide tenders that had a total value of €5 billion. In my blog post, I will give you a glimpse into the world of thresholds, as they were adjusted on 1 January 2022 and will remain valid for two years.



01.12.2021 By Georg Benhöfer, Lars Zimmermann and Stephen Lorenzen

The new energy service provider role – an opportunity for more competition in metering?


In addition to many other changes, the implementation of MaKo 2022 (Market Communication 2022) has also resulted in the introduction of a new market role: from 1 April 2022, the energy service provider (Energieserviceanbieter, ESA) will expand the range of roles in market communication. In our blog post, we reveal the potential to stimulate competition in metering and thus have a decisive influence on the entire energy sector.



18.11.2021 By Juan Carlos Peñafiel Suárez

The increasing importance of LIMS

Picture Juan Carlos Peñafiel Suárez

LIMS stands for Laboratory Information Management System. It is a software program that is used in a number of different industries. In my blog post, I will explain why using an LIMS is often a necessity, what advantages it offers, what you need to consider and which LIMS providers are out there.



The increase in the share of renewable energies in electricity production makes new power plant deployment planning necessary in Germany. However, as the energy system has not yet been adapted to meet these requirements, the Redispatch 2.0 mechanism is being introduced. In our blog post, we explain what it is all about and why exactly redispatches are necessary.


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