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Digital Experience

A relaunch should make a website better, more modern and more successful. If you factor search engine optimisation (SEO) into your relaunch, you can ensure that it is a major success. In my blog post, I’ll take a look at the most important things you need to seize the opportunity to improve and prevent your website from becoming invisible.


Digital Experience

Decision-makers in marketing need a promising solution portfolio to align their processes as closely as possible to the customer journey of their customers. To achieve this, internal and external systems should be able to ‘communicate’ smoothly in the background so that the customer takes away only one thing in the end: the perfect customer experience. In my blog post, I explain why interoperability is a factor for success and what role a digital experience platform plays.


Inside adesso

27.05.2021 By Ines Weigel

Usability and colour

Colours have significant meaning in our lives and trigger feelings and emotions in us, making them a key factor when designing the user experience. The choice of colour can also influence the behaviour and decisions of users. In my blog post, I explain the role of colour contrasts, certain symbols and the visual hierarchies.


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