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A colourful potpourri around the family

A child- and family-friendly program at festivities, our child holiday care, the day care center cooperation as well as various family-friendly labor law regulations have long been part of the offerings for our employees and are a matter of course. However, we felt that we could notch up our performance when it came to the topic of family, so we decided to significantly expand our offerings in this area. The result is a colourful potpourri of larger and smaller family measures that support adessi in their everyday working lives.

Special phases of life require special regulations! The offer of temporary regional part-time work is intended to give parents the opportunity to better reconcile phases of life in which the focus is more on their own family with the project business.

When it comes to "simply being more present": We would like to give young families the opportunity to spread the responsibility for care on several shoulders. We are aware that this can only be guaranteed in transitional phases if you can plan your working hours and locations well. The offer of regional part-time work has exactly this aim.

Because bureaucracy is the last thing one needs in difficult family situations, adesso offers unpaid leave in case of emergency. It can happen unexpectedly that you are needed for the care or support of your family at home. In this case, the days of leave may already have been used up and the application for care time or family care time could take too long. It is equally understandable if, in a given situation, one does not have the head to deal with the legal requirements of these models. After all, when there is an urgent need in the family, it is only a matter of being there immediately and without complications.

At the locations in Berlin, Dortmund and Cologne, the child holiday care service was again a complete success in 2019. Employees had the opportunity to register their school kids for the adesso-owned day care for a few weeks during the summer holidays.

Experienced supervisors created a varied programme for the young participants. Thus, the parents can devote themselves to their work and know that their children are well looked after. For the children the holiday fun means a lot of variety and an instructive programme.

If the childminder is ill or the kindergarten is on strike, parent-child offices are available for adessi at adesso locations. In spontaneous care emergencies, employees can bring their children to adesso and use the office. As an alternative to the classic parent-child office, so-called KidsBoxes can be found at many locations, which serve as a mobile solution. The box is rolled to the workplace and turns it into a parent-child office in no time at all. Age-appropriate employment opportunities are available for the kids and of course a fully equipped workplace for the parent. In addition, the locations are equipped "child-technically" with the most important utensils: from high chairs to children's crockery and changing mats, adesso says "Kids welcome!”

For the care of children under 12 years of age, parents have the possibility of taking time off work for a maximum of 10 days per year. The law stipulates that the resulting loss of earnings amounting to 90% of net pay is covered by the health insurance fund. This regulation is not relevant for adessi, as we minimise the bureaucratic and financial effort: adesso pays the full amount of the salary in case of illness of the child up to 10 days p.a. and per parent.

And since there are also illnesses where children older than 12 years are not happy to be left alone at home, adesso now offers leave of absence for children up to their 14th birthday.

Kita cooperation for adessi and childcare cost subsidy

Our cooperation with day care centres is designed to make it easier for employees to find a place for their children. We try to find cooperation partners at locations that meet our quality criteria, have a large number of daycare facilities at the respective location and ideally work with different educational focuses. The aim is to offer a corresponding selection so that adessi can hopefully choose a day care centre that meets their expectations. So far, cooperations exist with day care centres in Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg, Cologne and Stralsund. Further locations will follow.

adesso pays a subsidy of a maximum of 50 € gross per month per child towards the childcare costs. The subsidy is paid for services for the accommodation and care of children who are not of school age with day mothers, in kindergartens or comparable institutions, including board and lodging.

adessini programme

On the portal for adesso children, our "adessini", kids of employees can look forward to join in activities, competitions and surprises. In the future, a mascot will be part of the virtual discovery tours and report from the adesso world according to age groups. adesso also accompanies the children at all important events in life. Completing the first day in kindergarten, completing the Seahorse badge, celebrating a birthday or school enrolment? Via the platform, adessi can communicate what is happening in the life of the youngsters. Of course, the kids will also have little surprises waiting for them.

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