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Your IT ought to be able to satisfy shifting performance demands from the outset for users whose numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. And your IT should be able to flexibly integrate external data sources with varying formats, degrees of quality and credibility. You will not be able to achieve elasticity using static infrastructure. The New School of IT shows you which concepts and technologies you can implement to meet your flexibility needs.

Does your team already deal with Big Data or stell with big problems?

Your IT has to process increasing amounts of data due to such things as applications, databases, document collections, archives, online stores, customer portals and sensors. The amount of data you deal with already is big − and we mean that in the most literal sense of the word. You have to collect, manage and provide information from a wide range of different sources. At the same time, however, relational databases do not do a good job of accommodating big data. New technologies such as Not-only-SQL (NoSQL) open new possibilities.

Your IT has to cope with fluctuating demands on capacity. From the outset, your infrastructure should be able to cope with a rapid increase and drop off in visitor figures. Agile developers require short-term test environments that they can set up and dismantle again at the push of a button. Automatic processes are the key to more elastic IT infrastructures.

The New School of IT combines an entire set of tools and concepts to provide you with support in this process.

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