Ideal preparation for year-end business in the automotive sector

Compelling online experiences through the use of FirstSpirit

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Year-end business is the opportunity for insurance companies in the automotive sector to win over new customers by drawing their attention through targeted marketing campaigns. It is also necessary to have a consistent digital customer approach in addition to competitive pricing, especially during critical periods, in order to reach the customer.

Five essential points for every insurance company in the year-end business:

More than ever, time-to-market and time-to-value play an important role in the year-end business. A rapidly deployable content management system to orchestrate all relevant digital channels for addressing customers is gaining enormously in importance under these circumstances, giving you an edge over the competition. For example, you can create landing pages for potential customers in a short amount of time, which increases your chances of growing your market share.

In addition, the CMS must be able to integrate well into the existing system landscape (keywords: integration capability) and offer your editors (online content managers) the greatest possible flexibility. This means among other things that content can be easily and intuitively adapted in WYSIWYG mode without requiring the support of IT. That includes creating new sites and landing pages, image processing, release mechanisms and, last but not least, the choice of output channels. For maximum success, it is advisable to provide customers with an end-to-end experience, no matter what ‘touchpoint’ (browser, app, social media, digital signage, etc.) they are using.

The more personalised the digital experience of your potential customers, the higher the expected conversion rate. Effective personalisation, which can be done directly by your editors and ideally supported by artificial intelligence, will inspire your visitors. Create recommendations or various pop-ups (exit intent, discount codes, etc.) to address users in a targeted manner.

Set yourself apart from your competitors in the year-end business and win over new customers with personalised experiences. They expect nothing less!

What would a year-end rally be without a good e-mail campaign? When choosing a content management system, make sure the ability to launch secure and high-quality campaigns is integrated.

Last but not least, successful insurance companies make sure that their existing and potential customers are given the opportunity for direct interaction. After all, you want to close contracts and increase your market share. A good and intuitive form management system is therefore essential. It is important that both simple and short forms, such as contact forms, and complex forms, such as contract enquiries or even contracts, can be created and delivered in the various channels.

Our solutions designed with you in mind are ready for use quickly, can be operated using an intuitive UI without lengthy product training and still offer a full, comprehensive package of functionalities. We combine the light weight of a headless CMS with the enterprise functions that are indispensable for large companies.

FirstSpirit, as a hybrid headless CMS, enables the creation, management and publication of relevant and, if necessary, personalised content in a wide variety of channels, including landing pages, corporate websites, online shops, intranets, portals or extranets, print publications and any mobile touchpoints, quickly and easily, even without IT support.

In other words: FirstSpirit is everywhere that communication takes place and convincing digital experiences are important.

The advantages for insurance companies are obvious:

  • Quick and intuitive creation of digital customer experiences without requiring any IT knowledge
  • An AI-driven and personalised customer approach for the best digital customer experience
  • Easy integration into different process landscapes
  • Making data-driven decisions

What we can offer you

We are here to support you in successfully implementing digital strategies, addressing customers in a more targeted manner and increasing your market share faster than the speed of light with the FirstSpirit hybrid content management system.

You can get the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator with headless CMS for a limited time at no charge. The contract term and other details for the free trial version of the hybrid headless CMS from e-Spirit will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis: Get in touch with us!

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