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360-degree view of policy holders

As digitalisation progresses, application landscapes in insurance companies are growing ever more heterogeneous and disconnected. There is often a large number of source systems that hold customer data, and it takes a high degree of effort for staff to manage this complexity.

At the same time, the expectations of customers have changed massively in today’s digital age. When customers call today, they expect the case worker to be informed about their insurance history and to be able to provide in-depth information in a matter of seconds.

However, it is not only about creating a better customer experience, but insurers must also provide a modern working environment for their own employees – an environment that supports customer-centric processing. If a digital solution meets these requirements, both sides benefit.

adesso Customer 360

‘adesso Customer 360’ is a software component that can be quickly and easily embedded into the existing application landscape as a ‘search slot’. This is used for convenient, high-performance and cross-system searches within the company. The architecture enables dynamic integration of various source systems. It is possible to embed ‘adesso Customer 360’ in existing portals or in the company’s intranet. The interface can be easily adapted to the respective corporate design.

This is what the ‘adesso Customer 360’ interface for centralised searching looks like:

The search engine

The central search screen of adesso Customer 360° for the efficient retrieval of insurance objects

The advantages of a central full-text search function are plain to see. It allows case workers to launch searches from a central point. In doing so, media breaks between the systems are avoided since ‘adesso Customer 360’ draws on the semantics of the web. In addition to search results, users are provided with linked insurance objects from all connected systems. Therefore, calling up a found document – for example a damage report – is just a click away. Using deep link technology, the user is directly taken to the corresponding place in the specialist system for further processing.

Overview of a customer with the defined branch points that lead to connected systems

Overview of a customer with the defined branch points that lead to connected systems

In addition to enabling intuitive searching across all insurance objects, ‘adesso Customer 360’ is designed to support a strong security concept. Role-based authorisation is complemented by authorisation at the data set level. ‘adesso Customer 360’ integrates into SSO contexts (e.g. via OAuth). The solution can be customised to account for sales structures in visibility control (for example, at the postcode level or on the basis of agent numbers). This ensures that each case worker can only see what he or she is authorised to see.

What we offer

We provide your case management team with a 360-degree view of your policy holders. ‘adesso Customer 360’ introduces efficient full-text search capability across your existing application landscape via a quick and easy integration. In a joint workshop, we will present the possibilities and define the systems to be integrated, allowing us to provide an MVP in a very short time. Further systems can be successively integrated into ‘adesso Customer 360’.

We look forward to introducing you to our ‘adesso Customer 360’ solution and discussing the range of options for your company.

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