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Transport and logistics

You deliver goods – we deliver digitalisation

Mastering digitalisation in the logistics industry

Intelligent solutions for a complex industry

Mastering digitalisation in logistics with adesso

Be it the pandemic, geopolitical crises or climate change, fundamental changes pose complex challenges to the traditional business of transport and logistics companies. At the same time, innovative technologies and new market players ensure that the industry has to reinvent itself with ever-increasing speed.

Digitalisation is the key factor for retaining the ability to efficiently make deliveries now and in the future. adesso delivers digitalisation – from the strategy to the technology, all the way to operation, we provide your company with consultancy and support during its digital transformation.

We offer you:

  • Digitalisation strategies combined with expertise in the fields of transport and logistics
  • IT expertise combined with industry expertise
  • An agile consultancy culture with innovative strength
  • Technology expertise and scalable IT consulting

We deliver strategy. We deliver innovation. We deliver technology.

We deliver digital transformation

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Business consulting for logistics

Digital coaching

We consider the full breadth of your processes and use vendor-independent IT solutions to provide you optimal support. Successful solutions require a holistic consulting approach. adesso boasts extensive technical knowledge, industry expertise and experience in logistics-based IT projects. Our team consists of consultants who come directly from the field of logistics and possess methodological expertise for agile projects as well as IT specialists with many years of experience in the logistics industry.

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Flexible and cost-efficient core systems

Software modernisation

In order for the digital transformation to succeed, companies have to develop new digital business models that allow them to offer better services at lower costs. The core systems in companies are still based on established monoliths that can only be expanded with a considerable amount of difficulty and are expensive to maintain and operate. Logistics companies have to review the options for modernising their core system in order to make their digital transformation successful. We aid you on your journey to innovation.

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Respond to customer requirements faster

IT workflow automation

Now is the right time to redesign and optimise inefficient, manual and paper-based processes. Doing this enables you to react to market changes quickly. With our support in the field of digital experience, you optimise your response to customer requirements and are able to offer the shortest time-to-market possible. We work with you to eliminate media disruptions and manual interfaces and work out precisely which automation fits your workflow.

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Efficient and automatic route planning

Route optimisation

The e-commerce boom combined with a shortage of drivers is leading to a high workload in the transport and distribution sector, which often times can only be handled or covered to an insufficient to degree. The only way to meet this increasing demand with the available resources is to optimise the routes. Dynamic optimisation tools that holistically measure the transport and distribution logistics processes help with this. We assist you in introducing and performing dynamic route optimisation and data mining so that you can use your existing data to your advantage.

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Resource-saving logistics and processes


When it comes to sustainability along the entire supply chain, we know that the increasing demand for international goods transport and logistics services subjects the logistics industry to extreme pressure to innovate, disruptive market changes and the German federal government’s sustainability goals. The need for support on the path to greater sustainability is enormous, which is why we also bring our core competencies and new concepts to the table in the areas of automation, standardisation and digitalisation. We involve all stakeholders right from the start and help shape the major developments of the future.

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Process Optimisation

Solutions for process and process engineering industry

Just as a mechanic takes good care of a car’s engine to make sure it is always ready to go and able to deliver maximum performance, we take the same level of care when it comes to optimising processes and process technology. This puts us in the perfect position to offer process and functional improvements so you can create uniform working standards for all your employees. Our experts link these standards in work value maps to map complex work. A work value map consists of several service categories. We use to these categories to identify how much a service costs and how much revenue it generates.

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Logistics industry undergoes digital transformation

  • Discover fields of action

    Digitalisation strategy

    In the course of the digital strategy assessment, we identify your business need. We work out your fields of action and your vision for the future together in workshops. The result is the framework for your digitalisation strategy.

  • Analyse requirements


    Workshops in our Interaction Room offer space to delve deeper into a field of action so that your processes are examined in a goal-oriented manner and your use cases are established. Once this has been done, we identify and analyse the problem areas that can be solved. As a result, you receive an analysis report with a problem statement and information on pain points and gaps.

  • Develop a strategy

    Technology consulting

    We analyse your application scenarios in the course of the use case assessment. We work with you to define criteria for determining assessments, recommendations and decisions. Using the subsequent platform evaluation, we identify the possible solutions and systems that are right for you. The result is an implementation strategy with a process model.

  • Implementing your new production system


    In this stage, development takes place using testing and deployment services. Implementation takes place in sprints based on Scrum. Once the productive system has been deployed, a continuous improvement process ensues. We establish the new system in your company using the final change management process and the accompanying communication.

  • Ensuring operation

    Maintenance and operation

    We would also be happy to offer you the option of hosting and operating IT applications on our servers. In addition, we provide you support in maintaining and further developing software. We train your employees in order to ensure seamless live operation.

Do you have any questions?

We are here to support you with IT specialists, a high level of methodological knowledge and a team of experts with industry expertise. We provide independent advice for each project individually, selecting the right technology and the best IT provider.


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