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Digitisation and new business models

Digitisation is one of the most important topics for the mechanical engineering sector as it looks to the future. We support you on your journey towards being a digital company – from exploring initial ideas, right through to implementing new processes and technologies. Our experts have developed concepts and tools which we can use to work together with you to elaborate fields of action and achieve results that can be used quickly.

We support you on your journey towards a digital future

Mechanical engineering is an important cornerstone in our society. This industry links the areas of machine construction, electrical engineering, automation engineering and IT to create complex mechatronic systems. Using the Internet to connect these systems to global enterprise IT means that they become cyber-physical systems (CPS). By doing so, it is possible to create new business models and to generate relevant added value for you and your clients. This advancing development, which is creating the Internet of Things (IoT), will move you in the direction of Industry 4.0.

adesso understands these technologies and the mechanisms that underpin the creation of smart services. We can help you to implement them so that they yield a return.

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Customised IT systems to support plant lifecycles

The digital twin is more than just the real-time mapping of process and status information in a plant model. The digital twin constantly accompanies a plant and its machinery throughout its entire lifecycle. Data and information is continuously generated, even during the development phase. It is sometimes only during a later cycle that this data becomes relevant – perhaps for service purposes – or facilitates the creation of new business models.

In the interdisciplinary development of distributed mechatronic systems, it can be difficult even just to register the different digital development data (for instance, for blueprints, circuit diagrams or software versions) according to a distinct version number. Resource-optimised development brings a new dimension to versioning that simply seeks to manage the variants because this kind of development involves modularity, scalability and designs from second sources. By capturing information digitally and transferring it as seamlessly as possible when a plant enters another phase, it is possible to minimise costs and lay the foundation for Industry 4.0.

What does your service team need to know about a plant in order to ensure that, in accordance with the predicted failure date, the right replacement part with the right firmware version arrives at the right site? Do you know where your machines are, which components are integrated, which firmware version is installed and whether anyone has made any interim changes?

Individually tailored IT systems support the lifecycle of your plant, minimise existing discontinuity of media, and integrate seamlessly into the existing IT landscape at your company. Our numerous years of industry experience make us a reliable partner. We can support you as you face the challenges of Industry 4.0 – from the idea for the project, right through to commissioning.

Conception and development of cloud platforms

If your company is an intermediary between mechanical engineers and service providers, it is important that your IT solutions incorporate an appropriate level of agility and flexibility. This is the only way that you will be able to optimise your business processes and exploit the potential of digitisation.

  • Have you already developed a strategy for extending digital transformation through to the service provider?
  • Is offering services in the cloud a crucial part of your digital strategy? Are you asking yourself what exactly this cloud solution should look like?
  • Would you prefer a vendor-neutral solution that allows you to digitally scale your service ideas and flexibly adapt them to your own requirements?
  • Would you also like to launch a platform that increases and consolidates the added value of your products?
  • Do your customers attach great importance to data protection and IT service? Do they therefore wish to benefit from your solutions by running them in a private cloud within their own data centre?
  • Are you asking yourself how the relevant data from your plant will be migrated to the cloud and how significant the Internet of Things will be in this process?

We can help you with these complex questions and guide you through the process – from the design of your cloud platform, right through to its implementation. If necessary, we can also provide you with our own hosting services or support you with the formation of a DevOps team for the development and operation of your cloud platform.

Individual concepts to implement the Digital Workplace

As digital transformation progresses, the concept of a digital workplace is becoming increasingly important. In the digital workplace, centre stage is occupied by the employee – a digital native who is familiar with mobile and digital media. Every digital workplace looks different and has different requirements.

An employee at your production plant might have a digital workplace that includes a process-dependent display for information, such as assembly instructions or quality documentation. For example, an LED might light up above the compartment from which the next component is to be picked. These kinds of pick-by-light systems are already used as standard in intralogistics and order picking systems They support the employee during the process and simplify the collection of quality data, while the tailored information and digital work instructions vastly reduce onboarding costs for new staff.

The digital support required by a shift supervisor in the control centre, however, is very different. This might take the form of a mobile control centre that can be viewed from the shop floor while walking through the production plants.

The administrative employees at your company require yet another kind of support from their digital workplace. Your administrative staff can receive support in the form of internal social networks. Algorithms perform analyses about the information that can further strengthen the work processes. This information is then made available in the digital workplace.

There is a close link between the digital workplace and the digital twin. The digital workplace helps to create the digital twin yet it also uses the information that is saved in the digital twin.

We have industry-specific expertise concerning the technologies that are necessary for the implementation of digital workplaces. Our team provides you with advice and support, from the idea through to implementation and rollout. Indeed, moving towards digital workplaces is another example of a transformation that must be managed and supported in a way that focuses on employees.

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