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Interaction Room

Achieve consensus on challenging lottery projects

Creating a space for projects

Ensuring that the people involved in a project are in agreement about the goals and challenges is often more than half the battle. We have therefore created a project tool for this very purpose: the Interaction Room. This tool has been successfully tried and tested in numerous lottery projects. Are you wanting to tackle the challenge of procuring new lottery terminals, planning a product relaunch or embarking on a project of a similar scale? You can lay the foundations for success in the Interaction Room (IR). Inside this room, all parties involved can work together to define the project and goals – from IT through to gaming operations, from sales to managing the business. This way, everyone will know what’s going on.

The Interaction Room can support you in pursuing projects, such as the procurement of terminals

This is one of the most demanding projects that a lottery company will ever face because it involves complex technologies, large investments and far-reaching consequences. A large number of participants need to join forces, work together to define the requirements and agree on the project flow. This can involve having to reconcile varying levels of specialist expertise, and participants may butt heads over differing goals. For IT managers, integrating the back-end is particularly important, whereas for service directors, the quality of the procured hardware takes top priority. Meanwhile, sales managers have cross-selling potential in mind and the company executives are keeping an eye on the total budget. The IR was created in order to allow everyone involved in a project to create a shared target vision in these kinds of situations.

The Interaction Room is a real, physical room that participants enter. The walls of this room, which are called ‘maps’, allow participants to visualise processes and display project details. Inside the Interaction Room, an interdisciplinary team of specialists and IT experts works together under the direction of a moderator. Together, they hold votes on solutions regarding key topics and address questions surrounding their development project. The concept behind the Interaction Room is rooted in simple rules and visual representation.

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Interaction Room

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