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Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Our service for direct sales to customers via online and mobile channels is almost as easy to use as it is to get power out of a socket. We split the work: You take care of your customers, while we operate the technical platform. Our in|FOCUS Direct service provides everything that you need to make this possible. You can get started with it right away.


The successful in|FOCUS sales system is now also available as Software as a Service. What does that mean for you? You can focus on your customers while we take over the majority of operational work. We provide you with the perfect service to make this possible. This starts with technical operations, proceeds to application management and reliable connection to your own central system and extends to the wide range of tools for ensuring the best playing experience for your customers – and it doesn’t stop there, either. Learn more about in|FOCUS 360 here.

Keep a handle on all direct channels

If you are interested in handling the business and not the technical aspects of sales via direct channels (whether online or mobile), in|FOCUS as a Service is the perfect solution: It provides you with full access to your own protected customer data through the lottery business – naturally, this includes integrating entries into your own central system and complete operation. What’s more, we are continually further developing in|FOCUS 360 and regularly add new features that you can – but don’t have to – use. We’d be happy to show you how it works.

Do you have any questions?

No website and no brochure can replace a personal conversation about your goals and your issues. We look forward to an appointment with you on site.


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